can i receive reiki with other treatmentsReiki is a natural holistic healing system that re-balances your entire being. When you learn Reiki you develop a greater understanding of yourself and become empowered in your own health and healing. I, Sarah Najjar, Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, teach Reiki regularly in Melbourne.

During Reiki Level One you learn how to give yourself Reiki.

Eight reasons to learn Reiki:

1. Reiki restores you to balance spiritually. When you practice self-Reiki your connection to yourself and something greater than yourself increases. Your intution also increases.

2. Reiki balances you physically. After Reiki Level One you can self manage minor and major physical conditions. Reiki never replaces conventional medicine, it compliments it.

I do Reiki on myself when I have a headache, am experiencing low energy levels, have a muscular ache or pain. Before learning Reiki in 2002 I use to experience menstrual pain. I no longer do. Self-Reiki practice has balanced my system so I no longer experience discomfort each month.

3. Reiki balances you emotionally and mentally. During Reiki Level One, Two and Master Level I teach you techniques that help you to experience greater emotional harmony and mental clarity each day. They are simple to practice. You can practice them at work, whilst driving or when you are surrounded my friends and family.

4. Reiki is fun, quick, and easy to learn. Reiki Level One and Two training takes place over two days. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of how the body functions, even children can learn Reiki.

5. Learning Reiki is empowering – after Level One you are able to treat yourself with Reiki. You don’t need any special tools or equipment to start practicing. I have been practicing Reiki daily since I learnt in 2002.

6. Reiki is not just a “hands on healing” practice. It’s a holistic health system that includes:
a) simple guidelines for you to create a happier life, these are known as The Reiki principles.
b) meditation and energy enhancing exercises

7. After Reiki Level Two you can practice Reiki professionally.

8. Reiki is a wonderful self-care tool. Self care is looking after yourself so you have energy for yourself and others.

9. After Reiki Level One you can practice Reiki on your friends, family and pets.


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