Ten reasons to learn Reiki with Restore Naturally

Choosing the right Reiki course and teacher can be confusing. There are different Reiki teachers offering a range of teachings, and it can be confusing to know what’s best for you. As well as using your intuition the 10 guidelines below can help you decide.

sarah najjar reiki teacher and practitioner1. Are the courses recognised by professional bodies?

Restore Naturally Reiki courses and treatments are recognised by two professional bodies. The Australian Association of Reiki Professionals and Massage and Myotherapy Australia.

2. Do you receive a unique comprehensive manual and certificate?

Yes, this is an essential guide for you to refer to after your Reiki training. It is clearly set out with diagrams and text.

3. Are the group sizes small?

Yes, small group sizes ensure you receive individual support and attention. You receive a Reiki attunement (a process that initiates you into each level of Reiki) with one or two other Reiki students in each course.

4. Is follow up support and practice available for you after each Reiki course?

After Reiki Level One you’re invited to join a Reiki Level support group via Zoom. You’re also welcome to attend practice groups which are a great opportunity for you to share and receive Reiki. You also receive an e-course delivered straight to your inbox after each level of your Reiki training.

5. Does your potential Reiki teacher practice Reiki regularly?

Sarah has been practising Reiki since 2002 and teaching since 2009. During this time she has been privileged to treat over 1000 people in professional practice with Reiki and taught over 500 students to practice on themselves, their friends and family and some in the wider community.

6. Is there a variety of material covered and is there an opportunity to practice on other students?

Restore Naturally Reiki courses include both Western and Japanese Reiki techniques so you receive balanced Reiki training. The differences are clearly explained during your training. You also have opportunities to practice Reiki on other students during your training.

7. Does your potential Reiki teacher have a daily self-Reiki practice?

Sarah is committed to a daily self-Reiki practise and supports her students in their own self-Reiki practices.

8. Is the Reiki course structured and consistent?

Sarah ensures you have a clear understanding of what Reiki is and how you can easily apply it in your everyday life. You learn how to practice Reiki on yourself and your friends and family after day one of your Reiki training.

9. Can you practice Reiki professionally if you want to?

After completing Level Two you can practice Reiki professionally. If you’re a member of MMA you will earn 20 CPE points after completing each level of Reiki. If you’re a member of another professional body ask if Restore Naturally Reiki courses will contribute to your ongoing professional development. During Reiki Level 3a you also learn valuable tools for your professional practice.

10. Will I feel safe and respected?

Restore Naturally Reiki courses take place in a safe environment. You learn Reiki in a safe and relaxed teaching environment. Your views and experiences are held and understood by Sarah.

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