how does reiki workRestore Naturally Reiki Level One and Two Courses take place over two days. This time ensures that you have an opportunity to practise and receive Reiki. Depending on which level you are doing. It also allows you time to learn:

  • Simple Reiki mediations
  • Qi gong based energy clearing techniques
  • The history of Reiki
  • Hand positions for treating others and yourself
  • Symbol meditations
  • Distant Reiki

For detailed course descriptions, please visit Reiki Level One or Reiki Level Two.

Following Mikao Usui’s (the founder of Reiki) teaching style Restore Naturally Reiki Master Level courses take place over a length of time. This allows you time to integrate the teachings.

Allocating yourself time to complete Reiki Master Level ensures that you feel confident with the new techniques you have learnt and also confident to teach when and if you decide to.

For detailed information please go to Reiki Level Three/Reiki Master Level

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