After Reiki Level One, Reiki Level Two and Reiki Level 3a you receive 21 days of post-course support delivered straight to your inbox.

sunflower-joy-oil-277x277When I learnt Reiki I was fortunate to live where I studied for more than a month after each level. This gave me an opportunity to:

– practice Reiki on myself,
– practice Reiki on other students, and
– receive ongoing support from my teacher.

I am available to answer questions you have after your Reiki training during a Reiki treatment or in your Reiki Level One complimentary support session. I have also created a 21-day e- program for you to do at home so you feel fully supported in your practice. Contained within each program are practical & enjoyable ways to deepen your connection to Reiki.

Examples from the Reiki Level One e-course:

1. Just for today start a gratitude diary or write a gratitude list

Depending on your external circumstances practising gratitude can be easier at certain times compared to others. When your external circumstances are challenging practising gratitude helps to improve your health and wellbeing. By changing your thoughts your response to what’s taking place around you also changes.

Practising gratitude can increase your energy levels and help you feel better.

A few simple things I am grateful for as I sit and write this:

1. The table I can use to rest my computer.

2. The smell of stewed pears and cinnamon I just made.

3. The live podcast I listening to this morning.

4. That it is warm enough today to have the back door wide open even though I am writing this during winter.

5. The sound of birds chirping outside.

Take time today to start a gratitude diary or make a gratitude list.

2. Just for today treat an area of your body that needs Reiki

Reiki restores you to balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Take some time today to mentally scan your body. Where do you feel physically tight, tired or achy? Notice that sensation. Give yourself Reiki in that area for 15 minutes.

If you don’t have any aches or pains, that is great. Treat any area of your body.


1. Notice how you feel after the Reiki session without judging the outcome.

2. Has the tiredness, ache or pain disappeared, did it move to another area of your body, did you receive an insight to why it is there?

Give thanks for Reiki.

3. Just for today practice Reiki on someone else

Treating others with Reiki is a wonderful experience.

You may have completed Reiki Level One and do not wish to share Reiki with others. That’s fine. Just for today, do a standard full self-Reiki treatment.

If you feel ready to share Reiki with others practice on a friend or family member. Explain what Reiki is and what you’re going to do doing the treatment. You can give someone a full treatment or treat a specific area depending on their needs.


1. Ask them how they felt before the Reiki treatment? How do they feel after the treatment?  Are there any differences? If they don’t feel different that is okay.

Reiki is still working even if it doesn’t meet someone’s expectations.

2. Note how you felt before the treatment in comparison to after. Is there a change in your energy levels? Has there been a change in your physical, mental, spiritual or emotional state?

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