reiki relaxatonDuring a Reiki treatment you are fully clothed while I, and other Reiki practitioners, hold our hands over different areas of your body acting as a “one way hose” for positive Reiki energy.

During a Reiki treatment you may experience pleasant physical sensations such as tingling and warmth or pleasant mental and emotional images. These vary from person to person because everyone experiences Reiki differently and no two Reiki treatments are ever the same.

Since 2002 I have treated hundreds of people with Reiki. After receiving Reiki people commonly people report that they feel:

  • lighter
  • happier
  • more relaxed
  • as if they have been meditating
  • freer in their body with less physical pain
  • freer in their mind as situations that once bothered them no longer do
  • Reiki helps restore you to a state of balance by unlocking your body’s natural healing abilities because it directly influences your central nervous system – it allows you to relax.

With Reiki, I can help you to manage:

  • Stress, anxiety, grief and depression
  • Painful conditions (shoulder, lower back & neck pain, fibromyalgia) that do not respond to other manual therapies
  • Life and spiritual challenges
  • Your Reiki treatment can compliment other treatments you may already be receiving such as physiotherapy, counseling, psychotherapy, and massage.

You can benefit from pure Reiki treatments or Reiki can easily be incorporated into your massage and Shiatsu session.

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