is reiki still working?Does Reiki really work? Developing trust in Reiki.

Have you learnt Reiki and feel confident to share Reiki with your friends and family? Are you excited to share Reiki with others? Or are you hesitant about your Reiki practice?

Although you had exceptional Reiki experiences during your training once you’re at home you might be wondering if Reiki is still effective when you practice on yourself and your friends and family. Read more about my Reiki doubts and how I, and you, can vanquish them below:

My Reiki students know that learning Reiki changed my life.

I had only experienced Reiki once before enrolling in Reiki Level One.  It was a short seated treatment. I felt heat emanating from the Reiki practitioner’s hands when she placed them on my shoulders but I soon forgot about the experience.

I didn’t think about Reiki again until months later. I was standing in Brunswick Street bookstore. I told a friend I wanted to learn how to send healing energy to the patients I was supporting in The Alfred Hospital. She responded by saying “Maybe you want to learn Reiki?”

I was planning a trip to India to do volunteer work at Alice Project, a school that incorporates meditation and yoga into a standard school curriculum. I and had some time before the placement started, so I decided that it would be an opportune time to start Reiki training.

Once in India, I followed my intuition and travelled to McLeod Ganj, home of the Dalai Lama, to enrol in a Reiki course.

I learnt that the system of Reiki included more than sending positive, healing energy to others.

What I experienced during my Reiki treatments and training:

When I received Reiki treatments and throughout my Reiki training I was astounded by the incredible:

– emotional,
– mental and
– spiritual changes that I experienced.

I was also delighted by the physical sensations, such as heat and tingling, I experienced in my hands when I gave Reiki to other students. I loved the peace, mental shifts and deep relaxation I experienced when I practice Reiki on myself.

I telephoned my mum. I  excitedly told her what was happening, that I was loving an amazing healing technique called Reiki. As I shared my experiences, her response was:”Sarah do you really believe in this? How can that be happening?” I remember saying “Yes Mum I really believe it… it’s happening… Reiki is AMAZING”. (That was in 2002. Now, my conservative family are a lot more open to Reiki and have all benefited from numerous Reiki treatments since).

Reiki changed my life but I experienced Reiki doubts

Although my passion for sharing Reiki with others and developing a daily self-Reiki practice was as strong as ever, months later, when I started practising in the U.K., doubt entered my mind.

Thoughts such as:

1.”How is Reiki working”,
2. “Is Reiki really working?”
3. “How does Reiki work if I can’t see it”,
4. “How and why are people feeling better after Reiki treatments?”,

begun to enter my mind.

How I managed my Reiki doubts and tips to help you too:

I decided to acknowledge the doubt that entered my mind and shift my focus to 4 main things:

1. Be present to what was happening under my hands as I practised Reiki on myself and others.

2. Write down the benefits I experienced after daily self-Reiki practice.

3. Feel gratitude for Reiki energy when I practised on myself and others.

4. Write down the incredible emotional, spiritual. mental and physical changes that took place in those I treated and taught.

After a decade of professional practice and treating over 1000 patients and students with Reiki, I have no doubt that Reiki works

Reiki students write to me or book a Reiki treatment after their training and sometimes reveal that they’re not sure if they are doing Reiki correctly. My advice is always the same: “just start practising”. I give them these tips. I often receive a thank you email a week or two later because once they start practising on themselves they feel more connected to Reiki.

Do you resonate? Then you too can…

1. Start a Reiki as a daily practice.

2. Share Reiki with your friends and family.

3. Attend monthly Reiki groups.

4. Book a Reiki treatment or Reiki mentoring and receive extra support and guidance.

Your doubts will subside and be replaced with gratitude for the amazing gift that Reiki is.

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