reiki north melbourneHave you felt tired or emotional after learning Reiki or receiving a Reiki treatment?

You may receive or learn Reiki and feel better straight away. During your treatment or teachings you may instantly experience greater levels of peace, a reduction in physical pain and greater mentally clarity.

Yet this isn’t always the case. Reiki can never do any harm. It’s doesn’t have any contraindications. Yet, after your receive or practice Reiki you can experience a rebalancing process.

During your rebalancing process you may experience tiredness, extra amounts of energy, unpleasant physical sensations, slight light headedness, or emotions such as anger, anxiety or sadness.

Although it may not feel so at the time, these effects you are experiencing are greatly beneficial. If you experience extreme tiredness after a Reiki treatment or course it’s because you have been pushing yourself to hard and your adrenal glands have been overworked. The tiredness is encouraging  you to stop, practice self care (which is an ongoing practice for natural givers), receive further Reiki sessions or practice extra self Reiki before moving forward.

Reiki balances your energy. So alternatively if you experience a sudden burst of energy it’s because your energy was stagnate and not flowing as smoothly as it could. Once the stagnant energy begins to flow smoothly you are able to begin creative pursuits and start ticking things off your to do list.

You may also become more aware of your emotions due to present or past challenges you have experienced. Because Reiki helps to rebalance your entire being these states come to your awareness to be managed and let go of.

The wonderful news is that although you may not feel like it at the time these transient physical, emotional and mental states are experiences to be grateful for. Receiving or learning Reiki helps you to become aware of physical, emotional and mental conditions that are lying just below the surface so you are able to manage them, seek extra support where necessary, and ultimately experience improved health, mental clarity, peace and joy.

I often use the analogy of spring cleaning your home. You know either consciously or subconsciously that your house (your being) needs a spring clean (learning Reiki or receiving a treatment). So you begin the clearing process. Throughout the spring clean things become unsettled. Dust rises to the surface, you throw old items away, perhaps purchase new things, notice cracks  (the cracks are actually golden – but that’s another article…) and move furniture around. Once the spring clean is complete your home is clear, balanced, light and fresh.

The “spring clean”is often more challenging in the beginning. As you receive extra treatments or give yourself the gift of self Reiki  physical, mental and emotional balance is restored.  The more you receive or practice Reiki the more you regain balance on all levels. During Reiki treatments and courses you  receive simple tools to help you manage your “spring clean” or other life challenges.

As mentioned earlier Reiki is completely safe and can never cause any harm. If you have any concerns about your session it’s best to contact your Reiki practitioner directly so they can provide you with the support you need or suggest where you can receive extra support. If you feel uncomfortable during a session please share this with your Reiki practitioner so they can adjust their treatment approach and ensure that you feel safe before your session ends.

Is a Reiki session or course just as effective without experiencing the rebalancing process? Absolutely! I’ve written this if you have experienced concern after learning or receiving Reiki.

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