Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki – created five principles – also referred to as precepts, that help you lead a healthier and happier life.

The Reiki PreceptsThe Reiki principles are:

Just for today:

Do not worry

Do not anger

Be kind

Work honestly

Be grateful

If you have learnt Reiki Level One reminding yourself of the Reiki principles is as beneficial as hands-on Reiki practice. If you haven’t learnt Reiki Level One you may still like to practice the Reiki principles each day. Opportunities arise each day to practice these simple guidelines that help you to lead a happier more peaceful life.

When you read over the Reiki principles you will notice that some are easier to implement than others. That’s fine. For example you may be a naturally positive and grateful person who tends to worry unnecessarily. Or you may be prone to sudden bursts of anger but are also very kind.

I learnt Reiki in 2002 and I still practice the principles each day.  Although I am grateful that a daily hands-on self Reiki practice, has significantly helped me to change my reaction to daily challenges and significant life events.

The principles are traditionally worded “Do not” but I prefer to use the term “Let go”. It’s more reasonable to practice letting go of worry or anger than to never experience these states. It’s also kinder and gentler to practice accepting worry and anger when you experience it rather than trying to never anger or worry. And at times, experiencing worry and anger is healthy. These states prompt you to take action toward leading a healthier and happier life.

Let’s look at each principle in more detail.

1. Just for today be grateful

To feel gratitude is to be thankful for all of the circumstances in your life. It’s easy to be thankful for warm sunny days, enjoyable moments with friends and family or a job promotion. But what about when days don’t go as planned? When situations don’t turn out as you expected them to?

Life challenges help you grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  Practicing gratitude during these times benefits yourself and others. When you focus on what you have, rather than what is missing, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing begins to take place.

2. Just for today let go of worry

Worrying about what has occurred in the past is useless and can lead to shame and  regret. You tend to do what you know to be best at any given moment. Worrying about the future is equally futile because it’s unknown. Constant worry takes your attention from the present moment and creates bodily tension and a weaker immune system. Breathing deeply into your lower abdomen is an excellent way to manage worry. This breathing technique helps you to return to the present moment and relaxes your central nervous system. Your breathe is always with you, so this can be practiced anywhere and at anytime. Restore Naturally Reiki courses and treatments include practical ways to implement deep breathing in your daily life.

3. Just for today let go of anger

You can experience anger because you have little control over all of the situations that take place in your life. You can also feel angry because other people behave in a way that doesn’t suit you. Remembering that you can’t control every situation, or other people’s behaviour, helps you to manage anger. As does the breathing technique discussed above. People who anger you can help you practice patience, tolerance and acceptance.

During Reiki Level One my students and I laugh together when I mention that you, as well as I, most likely have family members and colleagues who help us practice this principle.

However, anger, like worry, can serve a valuable purpose. Anger helps you to set a boundary for what you think it acceptable behaviour toward yourself and others.

4. Just for today work honestly

This principle reminds you to deal with yourself and others with integrity. When you are not true to yourself you create a lot of unnecessary inner and outer confusion. Things don’t flow as smoothly and you would like them to. Arriving where you want to be is more challenging and takes longer.

Hands on self Reiki practice connects you deeply with yourself and something greater than yourself that you are a part of. When you have a difficult decision to make practice self Reiki on your hara. The practice helps guide you to make decisions that are best for yourself and others.

If you haven’t learnt about your hara or hands-on Reiki practice in Reiki Level One you may wish to quieten your mind using the breathing technique mentioned above. Once your mind is quiet it’s easier for you to access your inner wisdom.

5. Just for today be kind

This is one of my favourite Reiki principles. Here you are reminded to be considerate of your surroundings and strive not to cause unnecessary harm to other living entities, e.g. people, food, plants and animals. Everyone has different ideas, likes, dislikes and beliefs. Developing acceptance, understanding and compassion for those around you helps  to increase your health and wellbeing.

Kindness includes being kind to yourself. Practicing hands-on Reiki daily is a simple way to be kind to yourself. It’s a wonderful self-care practice. If you practice in the morning it will help you to better manage challenging situations throughout the day.

Attend Reiki Level One to learn simple, practical and enjoyable ways to apply the principles each day.

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