In October 2016 I was delighted to share the benefits of Reiki for massage practitioners and their clients.

reiki-aamt-2Whilst acknowledging the shared benefits of Reiki and massage, such as increased range of motion, increased relaxation and increased energy levels, one of the main topics I discussed was how Reiki offers a deeper level of healing than massage alone.

As well as offering full Reiki treatments I incorporate Reiki into massage treatments, usually toward the end of a massage. Once I start doing Reiki recipients often fall asleep. It’s here when I am privileged to hear them peacefully snoring or see them jerk involuntarily from deep relaxation.

You may skeptically read this and think “well they were relaxed by the end of the treatment which is why they fell asleep”. Not so at all. When I do full Reiki treatments some recipients fall asleep at the start of the session as soon as I place my hands on their head.

Only when the body and mind are deeply relaxed can recovery from illness and healing from injury, (physical or emotional) take place.

In my 10 years plus of experience in working with people experiencing illness, tension, injury, trauma, anxiety, depression and grief, Reiki is the modality that I have found to be most effective in creating a deep sense of peace and balance that creates a pathway to recovery. Massage, simply treats the symptoms, whereas Reiki treats the causes of the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual imbalance.

Whilst honouring the wide scope of practice that practitioners have I also discussed how it’s essential for practitioners to inform the people that they are working on what they are doing, rather than administering Reiki without their knowledge.  Again, if massage practitioners have completed Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two Reiki will naturally flow through them during their treatments. However the  focused intention of treating others with Reiki has a deeper, more profound effect.

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