In October 2016 I discussed the benefits of Reiki for massage practitioners and their clients at an MMA meeting in Melbourne, Victoria.

Reiki and massage have shared benefits. Both modalities can increase your:

– range of motion
– relaxation response and
– energy levels

reiki massage melbournebut, one of the main topics I discussed was how Reiki offers a deeper level of healing than massage does alone.

How does Reiki treatment differ from massage?

At the time of the meeting, as well as offering full Reiki treatments, I also incorporated Reiki into massage treatments. I noticed that once I started doing Reiki on massage clients they often fell asleep. Healing and recovery from illness take place when you are deeply relaxed. This happens when your central nervous system shifts from the flight and flight response and your parasympathetic nervous system is activated.

You may be sceptical and think “the client was relaxed by the end of the treatment which is why they fell asleep”. Not so at all. In full Reiki treatments, some clients fall asleep at the start of the treatment, as soon as I place my hands on their heads.

When the body and mind are deeply relaxed recovery from illness and healing from injury takes place.

In my 10 plus years of working professionally with clients who experience:

– injury
– depression and grief.

Reiki is the modality that I have found to be most effective in creating a deep sense of peace and balance that creates a pathway to recovery. Massage treats the symptoms, Reiki treats the cause.

Gaining consent to practice Reiki:

While respecting the wide scope of practice that practitioners have I also discussed how it’s essential for practitioners to inform their clients about what they are doing. Reiki shouldn’t be administered without a client’s knowledge because of the physical,  mental, emotional and spiritual shifts that take place during and after treatment.  If massage practitioners have completed Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two Reiki will naturally flow through them during their treatments. However, the focused intention of treating others with Reiki has a deeper, more profound effect.

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