reiki practitioner melbourneThe Australian Association of Reiki Professionals conference took place in Sydney on October 17 & 18 2015.

It was wonderful to meet and share ideas with other Reiki Master teachers and practitioners and listen to different dialogues on “The Future for Reiki: A Pathway to Wellness”.

There was a range of international speakers who presented on Reiki. For those who keep up to date with international Reiki news, you may know that there have been discussions within the Reiki community on what Reiki is and isn’t, and what is true Reiki and what isn’t. Although these discussions can be useful they also distract from the essential nature of Reiki energy.

Reiki helps you to create greater unity within yourself, unity with something greater than yourself and a greater connection with others. For myself, this occurs through a daily hands-on self-Reiki practice plus being mindful of the Reiki principles in daily life. I also encourage my students to practice hands-on self-Reiki daily.

Thankfully the outcome of the conference suggested a cohesive and bright future for Reiki where all lineages are respected and recognised when they connect back to Mikao Usui, the founder of the Usui System of Natural Healing.

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