Do you need extra support in your Reiki practice?

Reiki mentoring sessions are available for you if you’ve learnt Reiki with me or elsewhere.

Reiki Mentoring MelbourneDo you want to:

1. Deepen your connection to Reiki
2. Be fully supported in your professional practice so you can create optimum health and well being for yourself and your clients during a Reiki treatment
3. Gain clarity with personal and professional Reiki challenges

Reiki mentoring sessions are based on your needs and include:

1. Tips for connecting regularly to Reiki
2. Techniques for centering yourself and gaining clarity with life challenges
3. Meditation
4. Personal and professional Reiki support
5. Reiki treatment

Sarah’s experience professional experience with Reiki:

I’ve been practicing Reiki since 2002 and teaching Reiki regularly in Melbourne since 2009. I’ve been practicing Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies and Remedial Massage since 2008.  I’ve taught massage and ran Reiki courses at Melbournes leading healthcare colleges. Since 2015 I’ve guided Reiki students and massage students. I’m not currently guiding massage students but I’m still offering Reiki mentoring.

Mentoring sessions are available in person and via Zoom. Book your time here.

I look forward to supporting you so feel confident and so do your clients.

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