Do you seek more harmony in, and a better understanding of, your relationship with others and yourself? Do you yearn for greater clarity in your career?  Or do you want to feel better so you can live more abundhow reiki meets your needantly?

I didn’t know that I had these needs but I did know that I wanted to help other people feel better. That was in 2002. I shared my thoughts with a friend who suggested I learn Reiki.  I soon discovered that Reiki was a natural system of healing that was simple to practice on myself and others.

To my delight, I loved Reiki after my first Reiki treatment. You can read more about my first experience with Reiki here. I wondered how such a gentle, non-invasive hands-on practice could create such powerful emotional, mental, spiritual and physical changes. Reiki increased my self-awareness and introduced me to a wonderful new way of relating to myself and others. I was grateful for the treatments and teachings I received.

Since 2002 I have enjoyed witnessing how Reiki has transformed the lives of my students and those I treat one on one. And it can change your life as well.  One reason for these changes is because Reiki meets your deepest needs and guides you to where you truly need to be. How does that happen?

Reiki connects you deeply with yourself and something greater than yourself that you’re a part of. This connection increases your health and well-being and reminds you of your true nature which is kind, peaceful and stable.

Sometimes you know what you need before receiving, learning or doing Reiki on yourself. You know that you need greater mental clarity around your next career move. You know that you want to experience greater peace in a challenging personal relationship. You’re aware that you need a simple self-care practice to create or maintain balance.

At other times your needs aren’t clear. You just know you need to gain harmony. And that’s where Reiki creates magic.

Reiki works to access your underlying need as well as your surface need. How does this happen?

During a Reiki treatment, your mental chatter lessens. Once your mind quietens down you connect deeply with your inner wisdom and your underlying need becomes clear. Your certainty grows around which relationship to continue or end, which job to accept or reject or which form of exercise to pursue.

These insights happen during the Reiki session or weeks after the session. You may need one session or a series of sessions. Reiki meets your needs which are different to the needs of your friends or family so it’s best not to compare your Reiki experience to others.

Your a-ha moments can be profound or subtle. You might suddenly view career stresses differently. You may slowly accept the present moment as being perfect as it is despite the relationship challenges you’re facing. You could gently let go of outcomes regarding your physical health or strongly commit to a new health regime.

Similar to how you can lose your connection to yourself when your mind is very busy, when your central nervous system is overworked, you can experience physical imbalances. Imbalances such as delayed recovery from injury and illness, insomnia, headaches, depression, anxiety, and fatigue are part of our human experience. But, if they last for too long they affect your normal functioning and stop you from living a full life. Thankfully practicing Reiki on yourself or receiving Reiki helps you to correct these imbalances.

Reiki quietens your mind, connects you with yourself, deeply relaxes your body and creates an optimum environment for healing to take place. Deep relaxation is a wonderful sensation and a fundamental requirement for you to maintain holistic balance.

The level of relaxation that Reiki treatment induces is often enough to restore you to balance and/or provide you with insight into how to maintain your health and wellbeing after your treatment is over. Thankfully, Reiki complements, rather than replaces, other treatments you’re receiving.

The mental clarity, connection to yourself and something greater than yourself that you’re a part of, and the numerous health benefits that Reiki creates meets a variety of your fundamental needs.

As I share with my Reiki Level One students, I initially had expectations, doubt, and attachment to results when I started treating others with Reiki. After 17 years of practice, I now trust that Reiki always meets your needs and guides you to where you’re meant to be.

See extended version published in Elephant Journal here.

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