One of the many things I enjoy about being a practitioner and Reiki Master teacher is witnessing how Reiki transforms the lives of so many people.

I enjoy seeing those I am privileged to work with having their needs met.

Sometimes their needs are known before a Reiki treatment or Reiki course commences, at other times their needs become clear during courses and treatments.

how reiki meets your needSo how does Reiki meet your needs? Reiki connects you with yourself and something greater than yourself that you are a part of. This connection increases your health and well being and reminds you of your true nature which is kind, peaceful and stable.

Reiki treats the causes of your imbalance, rather than just the symptoms. An imbalance is what adversely effecting your life physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

If you have received or learnt Reiki you know that Reiki is deeply relaxing. Once you relax you are able to heal.

When you receive Reiki or practice self Reiki your mental chatter lessens. You connect with your inner wisdom or intuition. You become clearer and more certain on which relationship to continue or end, which job to accept or reject, which business venture to pursue, which foods to eat that increase your wellbeing, which exercise suits you best.

These changes happen during the Reiki session or some weeks after the session. They take place after one session or a series of sessions. Reiki meets your needs so it will effect you differently to how it effects your friends or family. The changes you notice may be profound or subtle.

The deep relaxation that Reiki creates offers you wonderful support when you have or are recovering from an illness. Recovery from an illness and or and injury takes place when you are deeply relaxed.

When your central nervous system is on overdrive the opportunity for healing is reduced. Some physical symptoms you can experience are delayed recovery from injury and illness, poor sleep quality, menstrual cramping, headaches, anxiety, and fatigue. The level of relaxation that Reiki offers is often what is needed for balance to be restored.

If you have learnt Reiki you are most likely grateful for the ease at which Reiki helps to soothe your family and friends physical and emotional discomforts, and thankful that Reiki is a wonderful self care practice.

Similarily, when you receive or learn Reiki the peace you experience is undeniable. Deep peace meets a variety of different needs. It may be your need to let go of or view past stresses differently. It may be the ability to accept the present moment as being perfect as it is in spite of the challenges you are facing. It may be the need to let go of outcomes. During Reiki sessions, as a practitioner and teacher, I’m not attached to results. I trust that Reiki works for the greatest mental, the spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing of the recipient or student. Yet seeing or hearing the positive changes that take place is always wonderful.

I, and many of my students, use Reiki practice to return to sleep if we find ourselves awake in the middle of the night. B.B. a Reiki Level One and Two student reported that her insomnia improved after learning Reiki. On the rare nights when she can’t sleep she is no longer anxious or annoyed about being awake. She accepts that she is awake and is grateful for the opportunity for extra self Reiki practice.

During my own self practice I gain an awareness of why and how I am out of balance and what action I need to take to restore balance. I may realise that I need to create more space for rest, to seek further support to manage a muscular skeletal injury, or to make a lifestyle adjustment that creates more well being, to increase gratitude practice when I notice myself engaging in thought patterns that aren’t benefiting myself and others.

As I share with my Reiki Level One students, I initially had expectations with my self Reiki practice and when I started practicing Reiki professionally. I now know that Reiki always meets my need and guides me to where I truly need to be.

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