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Read how receiving Reiki treatments and learning Reiki has helped R.M. manage the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and regain holistic balance.

When did you start receiving Reiki treatments?

I started receiving Reiki in 2012. I had experienced Reiki before in conjunction with other treatments – and I was blown away by how powerful the modality was, but wanted to experience “pure” Reiki treatments.

Why did you make time to receive Reiki treatments?

reiki chronic fatigue melbourneI had a slew of health problems – most significantly CFS/ME which left me unable to work and often bed bound. I also suffered from endometriosis and a range of digestive issues.

How did receiving Reiki treatment help you feel better?

Reiki was so powerful in assisting with my neurological symptoms. I truly believe it contributed largely to my recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome. After a series of Reiki treatments, I also completed Reiki Level One. This enabled me to practice regularly on myself.

While I still have an autoimmune condition and residual issues, my body is much better and my mental health and well-being have greatly improved. I am more emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced. I  cope so much better with life’s ups and downs.

What do you love about Reiki:

I love that Reiki is gentle, non-intrusive and painless. During my health problems, I experienced chronic pain plus I endured intrusive medical procedures.

I don’t intellectualise the Reiki sessions. I know each time I receive Reiki I’ll get something different. I have total faith and trust in Sarah and the practice of Reiki. As a result, powerful changes have occurred for me in multiple aspects of my life.

I’m grateful that I chose to receive and learn Reiki. It’s helped me so much. I attribute my self Reiki practice, and the sessions I receive, as empowering my own healing and recovery from CFS/ME. I hope that by sharing my story other people are open to trying Reiki as well.

“Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), is an illness that affects a person’s nervous system (commonly called a ‘neurological illness’). It can occur at any age…”.

Source: Better Health Channel

Do you have a Reiki experience you would like to share?

Feel free to email me your Reiki experience.

Please note – Reiki compliments other support you may be receiving.

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