Reiki and StressHow Beth reduced stress and took control of her health and life with Reiki

Ever felt so tired that doing daily tasks and getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle?

This was me after a decade of corporate world pressure. Stress was my constant companion and initially, it was motivating. The adrenaline gave me the energy to get through the long days and deal with the never-ending deadlines.

Below the surface stress began manifesting in my body as chronic fatigue. Physically, it affected my sleep and vital bodily functions, and mentally it manifested as anxiety and depression. I was struggling to cope with small daily tasks, let along perform to the standards of the corporate world.

How Reiki changed my life

I began working with a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, which over time, significantly helped my physical and emotional wellbeing.

I couldn’t let stress run my life and I made lifestyle changes to break out of my ‘fight or flight’ adrenal response. I also decided to learn Reiki to complement the Eastern healing path that had worked wonders for me, and I jumped straight into Reiki Level One.

I didn’t know what to expect from Reiki Level One but:

  • after day one of the course, I felt calm, clear and creative. My introduction to Reiki was amazing, I felt safe and supported. We practised giving and receiving Reiki on each other and it helped my confidence.
  • day two resulted in what I can only describe as a huge shift and subsequent healing response. It was as if a toxic substance was processed and eliminated from my body. Once it cleared, I felt more energetic and in tune with myself. It solidified my belief that Reiki really did work.

During Reiki Level One, one of the things I learnt was that a daily Reiki practice was important. My evening Reiki practice was life-changing and also improved my ability to fall asleep, as well as the quality of my sleep.

How self-Reiki practice helps me feel better

I am more grounded and my anxiety doesn’t affect my life as it did before. I have clarity and my life and business are meaningful and aligned with my values. This has also kept my healing on track.

Reiki is both subtle and powerful and has an amazing way of working exactly where it is needed. Thanks to the teachings and Reiki, stress has taken a back seat, and I now have time, space and energy to enjoy my life.

I have enrolled in Reiki Level two and can’t wait to deepen my knowledge and continue to heal. I love that Reiki is part of my toolbox to help me live my healthiest and happiest life.

Thanks for reading my story and I hope it inspires you to make the change and take control of your life and health.

Beth – Reiki Level One and Two Student

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Please note – Reiki complements other support you may be receiving.

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