How I learnt about Reiki for anxiety

I learnt about Reiki through my friend Cate. I hadn’t seen her for quite a while.  When I met with her I was taken aback. She looked so well and content. I asked her what she’d been doing. She said she’d been learning Reiki.

reiki for anxietySeveral months went by and I was going through a challenging time. I had broken up with my boyfriend and I experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress.

My friend Cate suggested I receive Reiki and introduced me to Sarah her Reiki teacher who she had completed Reiki Levels One through to Mastership with.

Why I made time for Reiki treatments with Sarah

I wanted to feel less stressed and anxious. I shared this during my first treatment. It was explained that Reiki helps to rebalance the nervous system so I would experience less anxiety and that Reiki complements other treatments, such as western and herbal medicine.

What I experienced during Reiki treatments

Reiki treatments helped me immensely. I began to experience less stress and anxiety both mentally and in my body. While subtle, I could feel the effects of Reiki during each treatment. Things that couldn’t be easily explained as ‘placebo effect’, like:

– loud gurgling noises in the stomach

– warmth where Sarah placed her hands

– tingling up and down my legs.

I now understand that these are common experiences when receiving Reiki.

I was new to complementary treatments and I have to say that my first treatment wasn’t entirely comfortable. At times it felt that something was pulled from the middle of my chest – although Sarah’s hands were just lightly resting there. Sarah explained that she wasn’t pulling anything out, instead, Reiki was working to rebalance my system:

– physically

– mentally

– emotionally and

– spiritually

and that my body, as all human bodies do, store stress. These stresses were being healed by Reiki. I didn’t have to consciously be aware of what they were, I could just relax and trust in Reiki. One time it felt as if she was stirring a big pot inside my stomach! Again, I was reassured that the sensations I was experiencing were just my system healing and rebalancing itself.

Despite all of the physical sensations I was experiencing Reiki treatments were consistently a deeply beneficial and relaxing experience. I noticed that I slept better after the treatments and wasn’t as tired when I woke up in the morning.

I continued to receive Reiki treatments on a regular basis and continued to feel calmer during the day. I enjoyed receiving Reiki treatments so much that I wanted to learn it myself. I’ve now completed Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two training.

How practicing self-Reiki helps me reduce anxiety

Since learning Reiki I practice Reiki on myself daily, mostly in the morning before work.  We were all taught how to do this during Reiki Level One. I rely on Reiki to help me feel calmer before important work meetings and interviews and others have noticed that I’m more:

– centred
– clear-headed and
– at peace with myself

I’ve also noticed that practicing and receiving Reiki has led me to make different lifestyle choices. I haven’t consciously decided to change. It’s happened quite naturally. I’ve reduced my alcohol intake and I’m eating healthier foods.

As well as practicing on myself I continue to receive in-person and distant Reiki treatments. I’m so grateful for the mental and emotional balance Reiki creates in my life.

Please note – Reiki complements other support you may be receiving including western medicine, it doesn’t necessarily replace it.

Do you have a Reiki experience you would like to share? Please write to me here.

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