My name is Patricia and I have a career background in Nursing. Over my years of practice, I came to believe that there’s a place for both western and eastern health practices. These two health systems combined, or integrated can really help people heal. As well as learning Reiki, I have also spent time in yoga and Ayurvedic health retreats.

reiki helps serious health conditionDuring one retreat my interest in the power of vibrational energy healing was stimulated.  I wanted to learn more about how I could heal physical and mental aspects of myself. I started reading up on energy healing and vibrational medicine and soon came across Reiki. Reiki sparked my curiosity so I enrolled in a weekend Reiki Level One course with Sarah.

Reiki Level One was an experience like no other. I felt I had been given a gift that I could easily use on myself and my family.

I wanted to give myself an opportunity to deepen my understanding of Reiki so I also completed Reiki Level Two. Reiki Level Two helped me to further understand different aspects of the system of Reiki and how they can be used in healing.

My experiences during Reiki Level One and Two

I had many wonderful experiences during Reiki Level One and Two. I appreciated that during my training all students had time to absorb practical and theoretical aspects of Reiki in a relaxed and safe setting. In the mornings we learnt about Reiki and in the afternoons we practiced on ourselves and each other.

Sarah structured the course to enable us to connect to Reiki as a spiritual practice. She lead us in self-Reiki practice and guiding us in Reiki meditations.  I believe these components of the training were integral in helping me to develop my own practice after I completed Reiki Level One.

I hadn’t received Reiki before attending Reiki Level One so I was grateful that during both Reiki Level One and Two we had opportunities to receive Reiki from other students. My first experience was quite profound. Afterward I:

– was relaxed but also energized
– felt Reiki when another student placed her hands on me
experienced stomach gurgling and heat

This was quite extraordinary for me. Although I didn’t quite understand what was happening, I did know that I felt a lot better – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I was looking forward to taking my new skill home and using Reiki on my family and close friends.

How learning and receiving Reiki has helped me feel better

Some months after the courses finished I was diagnosed with a serious health condition that required surgical intervention. This was during Melbourne’s lockdown in 2020. It meant quite a waiting period before treatment was able to start. Understandably, I was very anxious and not sleeping well.

I contacted Sarah. She was able to provide both mental and physical support with regular Reiki treatments from a distance. These sessions were of great comfort to me. They enabled me to manage my anxiety and my sleep improved. I felt safe with Sarah’s level of expertise as a teacher and practitioner. Her support during this time is something I will always be thankful for. Because I had my own health challenges I wasn’t able to give my husband his regular Reiki treatments so he received Reiki from a distance as well.

Following surgery, I again had regular Reiki treatments to help with the healing process. Reiki was wonderful in pain management and resetting the great disturbances that a body undergoes during a major surgical treatment. Six months on I still receive Reiki. These treatments help me manage the demands of day-to-day life and keep me grounded.

How I integrate Reiki into my life

I’m delighted to say that I am now in recovery. I’m able to give my husband Reiki again as well as my children. For me, Reiki is a lifelong gift. It gives me a great sense of comfort knowing that it’s there anytime I want or need it. Reiki is an incredibly useful tool in my tool kit, for myself and my family. I would encourage anyone to enrol in a course or receive a Reiki treatment.

Do you have a Reiki experience you would like to share? Please write to me here.

Please note – Reiki complements other support you’re receiving.

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