Reiki and stroke reiki melbourneDuring 2016 I had the privilege of working with C.C.

C.C. had a brain bleed stroke which resulted in her being paralysed down the right side of her body.

Reiki in conjunction with a very positive attitude and physiotherapy has helped C.C. to now walk unassisted.

Read her Reiki experience below.

Why did I decide to receive Reiki treatments?

Following a brain bleed stroke which resulted in me being paralysed on my right side, I spent some months in hospital and have gradually learnt to walk again.

Pain management has been a long-established issue and the stroke significantly heightened the intensity. Instead of increasing pain killers to manage it I decided to try Reiki.

Sarah was recommended to me by a friend who I made in the hospital. My friend had learnt Reiki with Sarah some years ago and had noticed some significant changes in her life.

How Reiki treatment helped me:

I’m so glad I tried Reiki and have kept up with my regular treatments.  I take far fewer panadol now. I always feel calm and centred during the treatments and come away very hopeful that I will continue to improve.

I feel that I have returned to my former self but have learnt to slow down and rest when I need to.

I feel that I’m in much better health now than I was before I experienced the brain bleed. I am focused on “thriving rather than surviving”. I feel very positive about myself and my future.
C.C. – aged 65yrs, Melbourne, Victoria

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Please note – Reiki complements other support you may be receiving.