20160718_155911-1In 2012 Siri and Haridra enjoyed Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two. During the course Siri said that he was going to return to Sri Lanka, build himself a table and offer Reiki to people in his community. And he did.

I recently visited them both in Lakshala, a village situated just outside Colombo. I was delighted to see the tranquil treatment healing room Siri had created. Siri reported that he has used Reiki to help people in his community manage constipation, headaches, back pain and high blood pressure. Fortunately whilst I was there an elderly lady from the village came for a Reiki treatment. 20160718_161447-1

Are you helping others with Reiki in your community? If so, how? I would love to hear your experiences.


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