I care about your health and I realise now more than ever you need your system to be balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I have received information regarding the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and I’m keeping up to date on Commonwealth , State Department of Health , World Health Organisation, MMA and AARP guidelines and will act on their advice. As off March 26th all in-person individual treatments will be postponed as will all April courses.

reiki and coronavirus (covid-19)In line with this current information, I have reviewed and will continue to implement changes to cleaning and hygiene procedures. This includes hand and environment sanitizing, hands-off Reiki, social distancing requirements, gloves e.t.c. Span Community House and Hartington Centre have also updated their hygiene procedures.

If you are presenting with Corona Virus (COVID-19) symptoms please reschedule your in-person treatment or Reiki course.

Distant Reiki treatments are available. Receiving Distant Reiki is a wonderful way for you to remain balanced. I’ve been practicing Distant Reiki since 2002. I wrote about it in 2019, posted it on this site in early January 2020, and am now offering it widely via skype. If you don’t have skype I can support you via telephone or email.

If you’ve already learnt Reiki our current times are an opportunity to maintain your self-Reiki practice. I’ve also had requests for online Refresh your Reiki practice training so this too is now available via skype as is Reiki Mentoring.

I’ll keep you informed of further online offerings in the coming months.

Be well and peaceful,


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