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Reiki Helps To Manage Stress – Beth’s Reiki Journey


How Beth reduced stress and took control of her health and life with Reiki Ever felt so tired that doing daily tasks and getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle? This was me after a decade of corporate world pressure. Stress was my constant companion and initially, it was motivating. The adrenaline [...]

Reiki Helps To Manage Stress – Beth’s Reiki Journey2021-10-04T13:22:36+11:00

Can I do Reiki on myself?


Do you want to feel better? Do you want to have: - more emotional balance, - mental clarity, - and harmony in your relationships? Did you know that you can do Reiki on yourself and experience these states? Reiki is a natural system of healing that helps you to maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual [...]

Can I do Reiki on myself?2021-10-15T23:08:05+11:00

Reiki helps to manage chronic fatigue syndrome


I was delighted to receive this last week from R.M. Read how receiving Reiki treatments and learning Reiki has helped R.M. manage the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and regain holistic balance. When did you start receiving Reiki treatments? I started receiving Reiki in 2012. I had experienced Reiki before in conjunction with other treatments [...]

Reiki helps to manage chronic fatigue syndrome2021-10-04T15:08:35+11:00

Reiki Meets Your Need


Do you seek more harmony in, and a better understanding of, your relationship with others and yourself? Do you yearn for greater clarity in your career?  Or do you want to feel better so you can live more abundantly? I didn’t know that I had these needs but I did know that I wanted to [...]

Reiki Meets Your Need2021-10-04T17:03:06+11:00

Simple self care tips


What is self-care? Self-care is looking after yourself so you have enough physical and emotional energy for yourself and others. Here are some self-care tips to help you feel better each day: 1. Take a 30 minute lunch break. During your break savour your lunch. This brings you to the present moment and you become [...]

Simple self care tips2021-10-04T17:20:46+11:00

Being Reiki


So what does it mean to "Be Reiki?" When you frequently connect with Reiki, Reiki returns you to your true nature which is balanced, connected and whole. If you've attended a Reiki course or received a Reiki treatment what words would you use to describe your experience? I know it can be tricky to describe [...]

Being Reiki2022-03-01T06:51:27+11:00

The Reiki Principles


Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki - created five principles - also referred to as precepts, that help you lead a healthier and happier life. The Reiki principles are: Just for today: Do not worry Do not anger Be kind Work honestly Be grateful If you have learnt Reiki Level One reminding yourself of the [...]

The Reiki Principles2021-10-11T12:22:06+11:00

Trust in Reiki


Does Reiki really work? Developing trust in Reiki. Have you learnt Reiki and feel confident to share Reiki with your friends and family? Are you excited to share Reiki with others? Or are you hesitant about your Reiki practice? Although you had exceptional Reiki experiences during your training once you're at home you might be [...]

Trust in Reiki2021-10-11T16:54:41+11:00

What is the post course 21 day Reiki e program all about?


After Reiki Level One, Reiki Level Two and Reiki Level 3a you receive 21 days of post-course support delivered straight to your inbox. When I learnt Reiki I was fortunate to live where I studied for more than a month after each level. This gave me an opportunity to: - practice Reiki on myself, - [...]

What is the post course 21 day Reiki e program all about?2021-10-11T15:05:57+11:00

Enjoying a daily Reiki Practice


Do you begin each day with an uplifting daily practice? What is a daily practice? A daily practice is a routine that you do each day that makes you feel calmer and happier. It has a positive effect on your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being. If possible, a daily practise is best done [...]

Enjoying a daily Reiki Practice2021-10-11T17:51:17+11:00
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