Receive Reiki in the comfort of your home or office

Distant Reiki is highly effective in promoting your optimum health and wellbeing. Receiving Reiki online, or by telephone, has exactly the same benefits as receiving Reiki in person.

Distant Reiki is perfect if:

  • you’re in lockdown
  • you’re experiencing stress and anxiety, read more here and here
  • you live outside Melbourne, Australia
  • physical, mental or emotional conditions have you housebound
  • you want to maintain optimal relaxation after your treatment and driving, catching public transport or riding is unappealing.
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Receiving Reiki at home or work helps you feel better.


  • Increases your energy levels
  • Balances your mental and emotional state
  • Connects you deeply to yourself so holistic healing can begin
  • Decreases your pain and tension

Reiki helps you manage:

  • Anxiety, depression & grief
  • Insomnia and stress
  • Life challenges
  • Low energy levels
  • Hormonal fluctuations
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what to expect from a reiki treatment

What to expect during your Distant Reiki treatment

Once you book your treatment you receive an email confirmation with a Zoom link. Please click the link before your treatment begins and I’ll be there to greet you. If you prefer to receive your Distant Reiki treatment via telephone please include your number, including international area code, in your online booking form.

Your treatment:

  • begins with a short consultation
  • includes Reiki so your system is rebalanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • can be done while you’re seated or lying down
  • concludes with a short consulation
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Distant Reiki balances your mind, body and spirit so holistic healing can begin.

Have doubts that Online Reiki works?

So did Sarah. Yet, she has been supporting clients worldwide with Distant Reiki since 2002 and has made this more accessible from 2020.

Read more about Distant Reiki, how it can help you and Sarah’s journey with Distant Reiki here.

If you live outside Australia please book your treatment using the form for International Distant Reiki treatments here.

”I feel so much better after your online Reiki treatments. Your support in restoring my energy levels due to burnout has been invaluable.”

– A. T., Singapore, 2020

“I’m grateful that you’re able to support me when I can’t see you in person. My pain lessons, my sleep improves, and I experience greater mental and emotional balance after our Distant Reiki treatments”

– K.C., Thornbury, Victoria, 2021

“Your support during this time has been invaluable to me and my family. My energy levels have increased and I’m more hopeful about my future.”

– K.G., ME/CFS patient, Qatar, 2020

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