Have you learnt Reiki and feel that it’s difficult to maintain a comfortable Reiki posereiki practitioner neck stretches for an extended period of time?

During Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two courses, you are taught various techniques to help you stay centred and relaxed if you decide to practice Reiki on your family and friends; or you decide to practice professionally.

The more you practice Reiki on others the easier it becomes to maintain a comfortable Reiki position.

Since 2008 I have helped many people manage neck and shoulder tension, both with Reiki and Holistic treatments. I also teach Reiki & massage students how to operate from their centre of gravity or hara. This helps them to connect more deeply with themselves and those they are privileged to work with.

These are the neck stretches I offer students and those I work with to alleviate their neck pain and shoulder tension.

If you still experience tension please make time for a treatment.

Please avoid if you have a serious neck injury and visit your GP if necessary.

Click on the link below to view your stretches:

Neck stretches

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