How Penny transformed her life by practicing Reiki.

Have you ever had trouble letting go of events that have happened in the past?

Reiki in practiceRead how Reiki practice helped Penny let go of challenging life events and transform her personal and professional life.

Why I made time to learn Reiki:

I wanted to learn Reiki for a long time but I didn’t look into training options or act on my desire. Last year I experienced some personal challenges that left me wanting to find peace and happiness within. My partner learnt Reiki many years ago and suggested I learn Reiki with Sarah. When I felt the time was right, I took the plunge and booked into Reiki Level One. I attended the course with an open mind and without any expectations.

I can honestly say that my decision to learn Reiki was the best thing I’ve done in my life. During the course, I learnt that: ‘Reiki meets your need and guides you to where you need to be”, and this has been my experience as well.  When I do Reiki on myself I sometimes experience a peace and calm that I never knew existed. When my mind and body is calm and my spirit it settled I am able to make better choices and I’m kinder toward myself and others.

What I liked about learning Reiki and the changes I’ve noticed in myself since Reiki Level One & Two:

I love the non-judgmental, kind and gentle process of learning Reiki, giving myself Reiki and sharing Reiki with others is. Since learning Reiki:

  • I am lot calmer and more peaceful
  • I’m more patient and empathetic
  • I’ve been able to let go of thoughts and beliefs that weren’t making me happy
  • I’ve been able to forgive people who have hurt me in the past.

My friends and family have noticed these changes in me as well.

How practicing Reiki regularly on myself has improved my life:

Learning Reiki has been a blessing in my life. My perspective toward life’s ups and downs has changed. I think differently about life’s challenges and I’m not as bothered by events that are outside my control. This new thinking mode has transformed my professional and social life.

My life was good before learning Reiki but it was fragmented. Since learning Reiki I’ve been able to put all the pieces of my life together so it’s more complete.  I am more connected to myself. Through my hands-on self-Reiki practice I’ve found a new level of happiness that comes from within, it’s not so influenced by external factors.

How my life has transformed in different ways:

  • Physically my immune system has improved immensely. I recover faster and operate much better from colds other viruses.
  • Mentally I am calmer, my mindset is more stable.
  • Spiritually, the five Reiki principles have become an integral part of my daily life. I use them as my internal guiding force in most situations.

I practice Reiki mostly on myself for my own spiritual, mental and emotional growth but also sometimes share Reiki with my close friends and family members. Their experiences have been very positive as well. I’m grateful that I can use Reiki to help them when they need it.

If you are interested in learning Reiki I would suggest learning it with an open mind and try and do it each day on yourself.

Penny – Reiki Level One & Two student

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Please note – Reiki complements other support you may be receiving.

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