be grateful todayOne of the Reiki principles that holds a key to your happiness, and when practised, strengthens your connection to Reiki, is “Just for today be grateful”.

What is gratitude? Taken from The Oxford Dictionary gratitude is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”.

It’s easy to be grateful when we perceive all in our life to be going smoothly. It’s simple to be grateful for warm sunny weather, holidays, moments spent with friends and family, time cultivating hobbies.
But what happens when you experience life challenges such as job loss, illness, relationship changes, death of a loved one e.t.c. What can you do to help you feel more healthy and happier?

Firstly, doing self Reiki daily helps you to “go with the flow” and accept the present moment as being perfect as it is. This can take practise, yet the more you practise, the easier it becomes.

If you have completed Reiki Level One during your self Reiki practise ask yourself “Where do I need Reiki? If you don’t know where you need Reiki simply place your hands on your hara (lower abdomen) and heart. Spend time breathing deeply into your hara, because this strengthens your connection to yourself and Reiki.

Second, start a gratitude list. Consciously write down 10 things each day that you are grateful for. Initially it may be challenging to find 10 things but as you practise the exercise should become easier.

Your list can be very simple such as: Just for today I am grateful for:

1. My cup of warm tea
2. My morning chat with a loved one
3. My feet connected to the ground beneath me

and so on…

Being thankful for seemingly small things and consciously noticing all the good aspects of your life makes you feel happier and creates greater feelings of peace and well being.

When you focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t have you begin to notice how fortunate you are. When you are challenged physically, emotionally or mentally there are still many things to be thankful for.

During Restore Naturally Reiki courses you learn more in depth ways to practise gratitude and how challenging life situations are here to help us grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Enjoy a gratitude filled day!

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