reiki for stress reliefYes, Reiki is a spiritual practice.

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, developed Reiki as a system of healing first for oneself.  It’s secondary to share Reiki with others.

There are many layers as to what makes Reiki a spiritual practice. Here are four main aspects:

1. When you learn Reiki you become deeply connected to yourself. You also become connected to something greater than yourself that you’re a part of.

Do you have an existing spiritual practice or are wanting to explore spiritual practice? You can through self-Reiki practice or by receiving a Reiki treatment.

When you practice Reiki on yourself emotional and mental states such as worry, sadness and anger lessen and you experience more joy, gratitude and peace each day.

During self-Reiki practice, your mind quietens down. You notice that there are spaces in between each of your thoughts.  When your thoughts slow down you are able to access your inner wisdom and intuition. You gain mental clarity around:

-which relationship to continue or end,
– which job to accept or reject,
– which business venture to pursue,
– which foods to eat that increase your wellbeing,
– which exercises suits you best.

This break in your mental chatter has a range of benefits. It’s similar to what happens when you meditate. These benefits carry into your daily life. You begin to notice that your initial reaction to challenging situations and people in your life change. Through a daily Reiki practise, you become:

– more grateful and
and kinder to yourself and others

One way Reiki differs from other spiritual practices is the attunement process. You can receive an attunement and have a profoundly spiritual experience, or you can simply feel calmer and happier.

Your Reiki experience can differ from others’ Reiki experiences. Reiki gives you exactly what you need.  It’s best to receive or learn Reiki with no expectations. I didn’t have any expectations before receiving or learning Reiki. Yet, learning and receiving Reiki completely changed my life.

During Reiki courses and Reiki treatments, you also teach you about an important energy centre in your body, known as your hara. You learn how to connect with it in your daily life. It’s an intuitive centre you can use to make major and minor life decisions. You learn tools help you connect with your centre daily so you experience greater emotional balance and self-confidence.

2. When you practice self-Reiki you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings and how these impact yourself and others.

Through a daily self Reiki practise, you begin to become aware of how you think and behave. You begin to notice how some of your thoughts create more peace in your life and how others create greater tension.

Once your awareness increases you can take steps to be gentle with those thoughts and emotions that cause yourself and others harm. You can practice accepting the thoughts and then letting them go and instead cultivate thoughts and feelings that create goodwill toward yourself and others.

The Reiki principles are an excellent guide for cultivating compassion for yourself and others. I have opportunities for practising them each day. I imagine you do too.

3. As your Reiki practice develops you become more present to what is happening in the here and now.

I have been practising Reiki since 2002. Since then I have been privileged to treat over 1000 people professionally with Reiki and have taught over 400 people. Greater presence is one of the primary gifts that Reiki has brought into my life. Presence with myself and presence with others. Being in the here and now.

When you receive Reiki or do self Reiki treatments you enter a deep state of relaxation. This state of can promote sleep or make you feel more energised depending on what you need at the time. As your mind and body relax you spend less time worrying about the future and less time regretting the past. You become more present during treatments and experience greater moments of gratitude, joy, peace and “flow”. These states then permeate out into other areas of your life.

That is not to say that I and others who practice Reiki walk around in a constant state of bliss or presence. We are humans who are practising. And the spiritual path is practice.

4. Reiki is a heart-opening practice  

Like many other spiritual practices, the essence of Reiki is love. When you learn Reiki and practise self Reiki you connect to an infinite supply of love. This may sound a little odd and is something that needs to be experienced, but learning Reiki takes so many people by complete surprise. Myself included. I had no idea what to expect before learning Reiki and was amazed how Reiki changed my life. As I mentioned above, Reiki quietens your mind. Once your mind is quieter and your thought processes slow down you naturally access your heart or feeling centre more.

Restore Naturally Reiki courses include simple meditation practises taught by Mikao Usui. They also include discussions on the Reiki principles and practical ways to apply them. When implemented, the Reiki principles enhance your feelings of happiness and well-being.

You may read this and feel concerned that you are not “spiritual” enough to learn Reiki. Yet anyone at any stage of their life can learn and receive Reiki. Reiki gives you exactly what you need when you need it.

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