is reiki a spiritual practiceHave you completed Reiki Level One and look forward to continuing your Reiki training?

It’s best to allow time between:

-Reiki Level One,
– Reiki Level Two,
– Reiki 3a
– Reiki Master Level

This gives you an opportunity to adjust to the teachings, meditations, and attunements you receive at each level.

I recommend allowing one to two months or more between Reiki Level One and Two, six months between Reiki Level Two and 3a and a year between Reiki 3a and Reiki Master Level.

Restore Naturally Reiki Courses follow the teaching guidelines indicated by the Australian Association of Reiki Professionals.

Each level of Reiki you complete deepens your connection to Reiki and increases your healing ability and intuition.

You will know when you are ready to undertake further Reiki training, and I look forward to teaching you.

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