charkas crystalsIt’s best to learn Reiki at your own pace. You might learn Reiki Level One and enrol in the next Reiki Level Two course on offer. You might do Reiki Level One and then decide to do Reiki Level Two years later.

If you’ve learnt Reiki Level One with me or elsewhere you could think:

“Do I need to redo Reiki Level One before I enrol in Reiki Level Two?”

Here’s my response-

1. First, reconnect with Reiki. Reiki is always with you even if you’re not currently experiencing a strong connection to it. Here are simple tips to help get you started.

2. Make time to receive a Reiki treatment conducted in person or online.

3. Join our Reiki community through monthly Reiki practice groups.

If you experience a greater connection to Reiki and feel more confident in your Reiki practice continue to Reiki Level Two. If not, redo Reiki Level One.

Reconnect To Reiki

Reiki Level One

Reiki Level Two

Book A Reiki Treatment

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