charkas crystalsStudents learn Reiki at different paces. You may learn Reiki Level One and enrol in the next Reiki Level Two course on offer. You may do Reiki Level One and then enjoy Reiki Level Two months or years later.

So I am often asked by people who have experienced a gap between Reiki Level One and Two “Do I need to redo Reiki Level One before I enrol in Reiki Level Two?”

My advice is this.

First start to reconnect with Reiki. Reiki is always with you even if you are feeling detached from it. Here are some simple tips to help get you started.

The more you use Reiki in your everyday life the more connected you are to Reiki energy.

If you feel your connection to Reiki growing stronger as you follow the steps and feel confident in your Reiki practice continue to Reiki Level Two.

If you still feel disconnected with Reiki energy after following the tips, or are confused about the teachings you were originally given consider receiving an individual Reconnect with Reiki session or repeat Reiki Level One before going on to Reiki Level Two.

Reiki Level One

Reiki Level Two

Reconnect with Reiki

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