What are the effects of a Reiki treatment?

effects of reiki treatmentReiki restores you to a state of balance by unlocking your body’s natural healing abilities. It directly influences your central nervous system – it allows you to relax. Once you are relaxed physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing takes place.

After receiving Reiki, you feel:

  • lighter
  • happier
  • energised
  • more relaxed
  • as if you have been meditating
  • freer in your body with less physical pain
  • freer in your mind as situations that once bothered you no longer do

Occasionally, for a brief period of time, you can also experience:

  • tiredness
  • sadness
  • restlessness
  • anger
  • slightly lightheaded or nauseous

These states are part of a rebalancing process and soon pass.  Take time to rest if you are tired and drink plenty of herbal tea or water. If have any concerns after your Reiki session please contact Sarah or your Reiki practitioner.

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