Do you feel that you have lost your connection to Reiki?

Did you complete Reiki Level One or Reiki Level Two a few years or months ago? Did you love the course yet you currently don’t feel that you’re practising enough? Are you unsure if Reiki is still with you?

Don’t worry, Reiki is still with you, you just need to start practising.

The more you practice Reiki the more your connection to yourself and Reiki deepens.

reiki master level melbourneI liken the Reiki Level One attunement to falling in love. The initial stages of a romantic relationship can be incredibly exciting. You may see the world through a different lens. You may feel calmer, happier, and energised.

Just as the initial stages of a romantic relationship can’t be sustained forever, neither can the incredible “high” after Reiki Level One. Yet, like a mature romantic relationship, your Reiki practice can develop into a grounded, enduring and rewarding spiritual practice.

Simple tips that help you maintain your connection to Reiki

1. Practice hands-on Reiki as soon as you wake up in the morning.

15 minutes of hands on Reiki is enough to make you feel more centred and calm during your day. (Although 30 is ideal).

2. Practice Reiki as you fall asleep at night.

15 minutes of Reiki before you fall asleep can help to improve the quality of your sleep. And yes, it’s okay to fall asleep as you practice Reiki.

3. Practice Reiki when you find yourself waiting.

When you are waiting for your family, friends and allied health practitioners it’s an ideal time for extra hands-on Reiki practice.

4. Practice Reiki on public transport.

Simply place your hands on your hara or thighs. Do you experience greater relaxation and presence when you arrive at your destination?

5. Attend Reiki groups.

Reiki groups are a great opportunity to practice Reiki, meet with like-minded people and have your Reiki queries answered.

6. Consciously implement the Reiki principles during the day.

Practice gratitude daily. There are a plethora of things to be grateful for each day. Start focusing on gratitude and feel your state of well being and happiness improve. Enjoy reading about other Reiki principles.

7. Practice Reiki on your lunch break.

Taking 15 minutes on your break to practise Reiki will make you feel calmer and give you an energy boost. Practice self-Reiki outside if possible.

8. Practice meditation

Taught during Reiki courses.

9. Repeat the exercises you received in your e-course.

Restore Naturally Reiki Level One and Two courses include a complimentary 21 day post course e program. This consists of 21 emails you receive to support and enhance your Reiki practice. Save these when you receive them and re-open them if you feel your connection to Reiki waning.

10. Make time to receive Reiki

Receiving Reiki in conjunction with doing self-treatments helps to enhance your connection to Reiki.

11. Let go of any guilt around not practising enough.

Be grateful for the times you make to enjoy Reiki self-treatments and meditation. If you don’t find the time daily, be gentle with yourself.

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