In the space of a week two people asked me the same question straight after their Reiki treatment. I had met these people separately at social gatherings and after hearing me speak excitedly about Reiki they wanted to experience a treatment.

Both came to see me in my practise room and said something that people who book in for Reiki to help them gain balance don’t tend to say.

After their treatment they commented:

“I feel very relaxed but how is Reiki different from me relaxing at home on the couch listening to music?”

I was surprised to be asked the same question twice within a week and their question made me think:

How is Reiki different from other relaxing activities?

reiki level two courseWhen you experience Reiki you connect deeply to yourself and something much greater than yourself which you are a part of. Enjoying Reiki self treatments, receiving Reiki or learning Reiki connects you to your true nature which is peaceful and loving.

As those who have studied Reiki know, and some of those who have experienced Reiki know, Reiki can create changes in a persons outlook. I would describe these changes as positive spiritual, emotional and mental shifts in how they view themselves and their life in general.

After receiving or learning Reiki some people make lasting life long changes. They may choose not to engage in certain activities – such as taking illicit drugs, or engage with people who are not good for them. Others change their career, and become more interested in meditation and health and wellbeing.

Others experience a mental shift in how they view challenging life, work and family situations. Situations that were bothering them no longer do. They are able to view the situation from a different mental viewpoint which brings them greater peace and joy and improves their relationships with others.

Others experience a significant reduction in physical pain, such as lower back, neck or shoulder pain. Or, they may gain insight into why they are experiencing pain, and take steps to manage it in a better way.

Many wonderful changes can take place after people learn Reiki or receive a treatment. You can read more about them here.

From my own Reiki practise since 2002 I have noticed many positive life changes. Yet I still need to practise Reiki self treatments and meditation daily to maintain mental and emotional balance. Simply learning Reiki was not enough. For me, a daily practise is essential.

I’ve never experienced the spiritual, physical, mental or emotional shifts listed above on here whilst lying on the the couch listening to music – have you?

I feel very grateful to for the two delightful people who asked me, “How is Reiki different from other relaxing activities?” as it prompted me to reflect and write this article.

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