Why do you make time to receive a Reiki treatment or learn Reiki? And what is an imbalance?

I imagine that you want to feel better and think differently. I imagine that you value your health and wellness. I also imagine that you’re interested in balancing your imbalance.

reiki and depressionReiki is a holistic healing system that promotes your optimum health and wellbeing by restoring you to balance physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. Receiving Reiki is deeply relaxing.

The relaxation you experience during and after a Reiki treatment creates an environment for healing to take place so you feel better. When you feel better you make better choices, have more harmonious relationships and create healthier environments for yourself and others.

I’ve been practicing Reiki since 2002. I often see people in a state of imbalance. An imbalance is a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual condition that’s stopping you from operating at your fullest potential.

Anxiety, stress, and depression are imbalances that Reiki can help to manage. Grief, physical injury and illness are also reasons for needing extra care. You may have been feeling unwell for a long period of time or a short period of time. It may be a reoccurring pattern or a one-off experience. Either way, your imbalance is letting you know that something isn’t quite right and you need extra support. I can help you to embrace your imbalance and restore harmony.

Experiencing an imbalance, such as anxiety, is unpleasant. You may have challenges falling asleep, staying asleep, digestive disturbances, headaches, foggy thinking, ruminations about the future or past. You probably wonder if you will ever get better or feel “normal” again. You may have tried other avenues that have been unsuccessful or only successful up to a point and you’re wanting a more effective treatment or a treatment that complements other support you’re receiving. I have some good news for you. Receiving Reiki during these times is helpful, (learning Reiki is even better because you are able to practice on yourself) because Reiki balances your central nervous system so you experience greater physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual peace. You may fall asleep when you receive Reiki. If you do fall asleep during your session it’s because you’re deeply relaxed and holistic healing and recovery is taking place.

As well as the healing and recovery response that occurs with Reiki treatment, four main things happen.

1. Reiki treatments help you to fully acknowledge that you need to restore harmony.

You make time to receive Reiki knowing that something isn’t quite right and you need extra support. Similar to receiving a massage, once a practitioner starts touching you realise that you’re sorer or tighter than what you thought you were. During your Reiki treatment, you may be more aware of why you made time for a session. This insight is helpful. It enables you to fully recognise that there’s an imbalance. Once you recognise it you can start to take gentle steps, with my help or on your own, to restore harmony. We go through self-care practices during your session or in Reiki courses.

2. Reiki treatments help you be gentle with your current experience

Rather than berating yourself that you are going through something unpleasant you begin to view it as a gift. You recognise that it’s normal and acceptable to have your experience. It’s normal to be sad after a loved one passes away, it’s normal to be worried if you’re having challenges conceiving, it’s normal to be sad after a relationship ends, it’s normal to be resentful or anxious if you are overstretched personally and/or professionally, it’s normal for your body to be tight and sore at certain times. Your imbalance is simply letting you know that something isn’t quite right. Once you’re gentle with yourself and accept your imbalance it lessens in intensity.

3. Reiki treatments help you recognise that your imbalance in an opportunity for self-care

Emotional, mental and physical imbalances often remind us that we need to take better of ourselves. When we practice good self-care we have more energy for others and ourselves. If you are a natural giver or you put the needs of others before your own, then self-care is an ongoing practice. Self-care can take different forms. I always recommend self-Reiki or receiving Reiki, as the first step to regain balance, but there are other techniques you can do during the day to help you feel better. Deep breathing exercises, healthier dietary choices, increasing exercise, seeking further allied health or perhaps medical care are all viable options for helping you to regain optimum health.

4. Reiki treatments help you to accept your imbalance and restores harmony

Because Reiki induces the relaxation response and promotes healing and recovery instead of your imbalance being a 10/10, it gradually reduces to a 6/10, then a 4/10, then a 2/10. Receiving Reiki or practicing Reiki softens your experience. Like waves that get smaller when they come to shore, Reiki makes your experience gentler and you gentler toward it. Reiki lessens the intensity of your imbalance. Rather than it being like a tidal wave of discomfort, it becomes a smaller wave that’s easier to overcome. At times it may swell again. That’s when you know you need to receive a treatment, learn Reiki, apply what you have learnt during Reiki courses or take further steps to restore balance.

Reiki returns you to harmony spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, and allows you to accept your current experience, as part of what makes you the wonderful human that you are.

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Please note – Reiki complements other support you may be receiving.

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