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Reiki Master/ Reiki Level Three courses are traditionally titled, Shinpiden and translate to “mystery teachings”. Restore Naturally Reiki Master Level courses are a wonderful journey into self-mastery. Enjoy deepening your connection to Reiki, yourself and others. Expand your energy and teach if you wish to.

Are you ready to deepen your connection with Reiki & your true essence?

Sarah Najjar offers you a unique Reiki Master Level experience. Restore Naturally Reiki Master Courses are deeply transformative and enjoyable.

Enjoy receiving Reiki Master training in a supportive, professional setting.

Reiki Master Level — One-on-One

During these sessions you receive Reiki and Reiju (a Japanese spiritual blessing) one on one with Sarah. This deepens your knowledge and experience of Reiki.

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Duration: 18 hours including 6 x 2 hour one-on-one sessions,  attendance at Reiki Level One or Level Two courses and Reiki groups

Location: Reservoir

To book: Contact Sarah

Cost: $2040.00 (inc. G.S.T.) – made in instalments

Includes Reiki Level One or Level Two course attendance

Enjoy reviewing your practice and knowledge of Reiki Level One or Reiki Level Two so you feel confident to run your own courses if and when you want to.

Reiki Master Level — Course Content

Individual sessions

During these sessions you receive Reiki one on one with Sarah and deepen your knowledge and experience of Reiki.

Two hours hour sessions allow time for receiving the teachings and receiving Reiki.

Receive Reiki or Reiju

You are given the opportunity to receive Reiki or Reiju, a spiritual blessing, each month with Sarah.

Attend and participate in a Reiki Level One and Two course

This allows you the opportunity to:

  • Review your practise and knowledge of Reiki Level One or Reiki Level Two.
  • Guide other students in learning Reiki Level One or Two so you feel confident to run your own courses if and when you want to.
  • Understand the physical process of teaching Reiki (e.g. room set up, course structure e.t.c.) as well as the energetic process (self attunements, meditations e.t.c).
  • Those who have completed Reiki Mastership with Restore Naturally have loved participating in Reiki Level One and Two courses!

An individual Reiki Level Three and Reiki Master attunement

During these powerful attunements your connection to Reiki deepens and you receive symbols that enable you to teach Reiki if you wish to.

Traditional Usui and Tibetan Master Symbols

Are given to you to enhance and support your Reiki self treatments on yourself and others.

Learn how to perform Reiki attunements

Essential for teaching Reiki to others. Be guided in the attunement process and enjoy receiving tips on how to make your attunements more focused and therefore more powerful.

Learn to conduct additional attunements

One is a powerful attunement that helps to release emotional and mental blocks that affect people’s everyday health and happiness. Another allows you to attune yourself to Reiki which is empowering and rejuvenating.

Learn Reiju

A simple blessing that Mikao Usui used on his students

Learn what a Reiki Master is

You learn what a Reiki Master is and how this is much more than simply learning how to attune other people to Reiki. You discover Mikao Usui’s notion of self-mastery and how to apply simple techniques in practicing this in your everyday life.

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Receive professional support

It can be difficult to know how to respond to prospective clients’ differing needs. Enjoy learning how to manage potentially challenging treatment and class scenarios. Receive extra support in conducting a professional Reiki treatment and have the opportunity to undertake a Reiki case study with a friend or family member.

A comprehensive manual and certificate

That is a great reference guide for you to keep after the course.

Learn additional techniques

That support and enhance your Reiki practice.

Qi gong based energy building exercises

These can easily be done at home. Learn about your hara (also known as tanden or your “centre”) and how to connect with it in your everyday life.

Japanese meditation techniques

These were practiced by Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, and enhance and support your Reiki practice.

Allocating yourself time to undertake Reiki Master Level

Ensures that you have time to integrate the teachings and spiritual shifts that occur during your Reiki Mastership.

It allows you more practise time so you feel confident with the new material presented and are completely ready to practise or teach Reiki professionally.

Reiki Level One and Reiki Level Two are prerequisites for Reiki Master training.

Restore Naturally accepts students from all lineages. Generally a minimum of 12 months is required between Reiki Level Two and Reiki Mastership, as outlined by The Australian Association of Reiki Professionals.

Receive simple take home exercises

Designed to support and enhance your Reiki Master training.

Common experiences after completing Reiki Mastership with Sarah Najjar

  1. A stronger connection to Reiki energy during and after your Reiki Master attunements.
  2. Experiencing lifelong spiritual, mental and emotional shifts that occur during and after your Reiki Master training.
  3. Experiencing more powerful and deeper treatments during self treatments and when sharing Reiki with others when using the Usui Master symbol and the Tibetan Master Reiki symbol.
  4. Enjoy deepening your connection to Reiki daily through your self practice.
  5. Enjoy sharing Reiki with others in one on one treatments or by holding your own Reiki workshops.
  6. A greater sense of lightness and peace as more Reiki energy is incorporated into your life.
  7. Greater mental clarity and direction in your life purpose.
  8.  Incredible gratitude in receiving one on one support in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

“Reiki Master Level with Sarah was a life changing and powerful time for me. I felt very gently supported throughout each aspect of the study program. Thank you Sarah, with gratitude.”

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If you have queries about Reiki or the course please visit Reiki Articles & FAQ’s or contact Sarah.

Course fees are not refundable prior to the course. They are transferable due to unforeseen circumstances when 48 hours notice is given. Thank you.

Please note: attendance at Reiki Level One or Two Courses takes place when the next course is run. That is, if a course doesn’t take place during your Mastership with Sarah Najjar you can attend a course outside your Reiki Mastership.