Reiki Level 3a is a wonderful opportunity for you to develop your self-Reiki and professional Reiki practice.

A fundamental aspect of this course is learning how to operate from your hara, or centre in your daily life, so you experience more peace and a deeper connection with yourself and others.

During this course, you are introduced to further tools that enhance your connection to Reiki.  When you use these tools in your self-Reiki practice, or in your professional Reiki practice, a more profound level of healing takes place within you and those you treat.

Get grounded, connect more deeply with yourself, others and Reiki.

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Upcoming Reiki 3a Courses

This course includes a complimentary 21 day follow up e-course designed to support your Reiki practice.

May 2021

Duration: 2 days

Dates: Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd

Time: 10am – 5pm

Venue: Span Community House, 64 Clyde Street, Thornbury, VIC, 3073

Cost: $480.00 (inc. G.S.T.)

Course full. Please see future dates

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Oct 2021

Duration: 2 days

Dates: Saturday 9 & Sunday 10

Time: 10am – 5pm

Venue: Span Community House, 64 Clyde Street, Thornbury, VIC, 3071

Cost: $490.00 (inc G.S.T.)

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Reiki Level 3a Course Content

Learn the name and uses of the fourth Reiki Symbol

Deepen your connection to your healing abilities and those of your friends, family and clients by being introduced to this powerful Reiki tool. This tool connects you with your inner light and the light within others so you feel calmer and happier. It also makes you kinder toward yourself and others.

Deepen your connection to the Reiki Symbols

Learn simple exercises that help you to experience the qualities of Reiki Level Two and Reiki Level 3a symbols. Become more connected to the essence of each symbol and what they represent. These meditations heighten your intuition, make you more grounded and connect you more deeply with your healing abilities. They are wonderful to practice in class or by yourself at home.

Learn how to use the fourth Reiki symbol

Learn how to use this tool in your personal Reiki practice and when treating others with Reiki. This symbol connects you more deeply with Reiki. When using this symbol you also experience increased mental clarity and emotional balance.

Creation exercise

Enjoy learning a simple technique that helps to you become clearer on your goals and dreams. It’s a fun and simple p