Reiki Level One is traditionally known as Shoden, “The Entrance”. During the first stage of your Reiki training the emphasis is on Reiki for you.

During Reiki Level One you learn the simple process of giving Reiki to yourself (and to your friends and family if you wish to). Enjoy receiving a Reiki treatment and giving a full Reiki treatment.

reiki level one melbourne

Upcoming Reiki Level One Courses

This course includes a complimentary Reiki Level One 21 day follow up e-course designed to support your Reiki practice, a comprehensive 40 page manual and a complimentary one on one Reiki session

February 2020

Duration: 2 days

Dates: Sunday 2 & Sunday 9

Time: 10am – 5.30pm

Venue: Span Community House, 64 Clyde Street, Thornbury, VIC, 3071

Cost: $390.00 (inc. G.S.T.)

Course full. Please email Sarah to be placed on the waiting list or look at future dates.

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March 2020

Duration: 2 days

Dates: Saturday 14 & Sunday 15

Time: 10am – 5.30pm

Venue: Span Community House, 64 Clyde Street, Thornbury, VIC, 3071

Cost: $390.00 (inc G.S.T.)

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April 2020

Duration: 2 days

Dates: Saturday 18 & Sunday 19

Time: 10am – 5.30pm

Venue: Span Community House, 64 Clyde Street, Thornbury, VIC, 3071

Cost: $390.00 (inc. G.S.T.)

Payment Options

A free Reiki treatment — to support your Reiki practice

Enrol in a Reiki Level One Course and receive a free Reiki treatment valued at $120.00.

Reiki Level One — Course Content

Reiki hand positions

Learn simple hand positions for treating yourself with Reiki. You can do self-treatments after day one of the course.

Reiki hand positions for treating others

Learn simple hand positions for sharing Reiki with others so you can practice Reiki on your family, friends and pets.

How to treat chakras with Reiki

Learn about the chakra system and how to use Reiki to balance different energy centres during your self-Reiki practice and when sharing Reiki with others.

Qi Gong based energy clearing & energy building exercises

Learn simple exercises that help you to clear your head, grounded your energy and enhance your self-care practice.

Learn to regain mental and emotional balance throughout the day

Learn about your hara (also known as tanden or your “centre”) and how to connect with it in your everyday life so you don’t take on board the emotions of people around you.

Japanese meditation techniques

These were practiced by Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. They enhance and support your hands-on Reiki practice. Your connection to Reiki strengthens when you learn and practice these simple meditations.

Reiki principles

Increase your health and happiness by learning the Reiki principles. You can apply them after day one of the course.  You learn techniques to implement them in your daily life. Read more here.

Learning how Reiki is a holistic healing system

Reiki is a holistic system of healing. It can help you to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It connects you deeply to yourself and also something that greater than yourself which you’re a part of.

The History of Reiki

Learn how Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, developed Reiki as a holistic system of natural healing.

reiki level one melbourne

Reiki treatments

During the course you give and receive a full Reiki treatment. Enjoy the peaceful feeling of giving and receiving Reiki. Delight in the wonderful sensation of Reiki warmth building in your hands.

Your questions answered in a safe and supportive environment

You also have ample opportunity to ask questions and clarify any areas you may be unsure of. Sarah Najjar, Reiki Master teacher and practitioner has taught hundreds of people Reiki. She has helped over 1000 people in professional practice. She is delighted to answer any questions you have about Reiki during, after or before the course.

Learn simple ways to incorporate Reiki into your daily life

Enjoy learning simple ways to incorporate Reiki into your daily life

An individual Reiki Level One attunement

This attunement, or initiation, connects you with Reiki. It enables you to practice Reiki on yourself and others. Receiving a Reiki initiation is life changing.  Enjoy reading about others experiences here.

Additional unique techniques

You learn simple energy balancing techniques. These enhance and support your Reiki practice. They also help you to be in the present moment.

A comprehensive manual and certificate

Delve into a 40 page manual. It’s a great reference for you to keep after the course. You also receive a  certificate that’s recognised world wide.

Here are some common experiences people have after learning Reiki with Restore Naturally

  1. An increased feeling of relaxation as they enjoy a daily Reiki practice.
  2. An increase in their energy levels, as a result of the attunement process and self Reiki treatments.
  3. A reduction in physical aches and pains as they can now treat sore knees, shoulders, hips and other areas of pain with Reiki
  4. A deeper connection to universal energy as if they have been touched or blessed by something greater than themselves.
  5. An ability to protect themselves from unwanted energy that had previously been affecting them either at work, home or school.
  6. A sense of lightness and peace they have never or rarely experienced before.
  7. A greater understanding of themselves as they develop further insight into their own thought processes and emotions.
  8. Gratitude in being able to share Reiki with their friends and family.

“The small group made it possible for everyone’s questions to be answered. Sarah’s enthusiasm for Reiki is infectious. I love the way she presents such a profoundly deep practice in such a simple way. It’s been life changing…”

Jodi K. Read more >

If you have queries about Reiki or the course, please visit Reiki Articles & FAQ’s or contact Sarah.

Course fees are not refundable. They are transferable prior to the course when 2 weeks notice is given.