Relax, Restore, Rebalance

Learning Reiki with Restore Naturally is simple, fun, healing and empowering.

Traditional Usui Reiki courses are perfect for you if you are interested in self-healing, complementary health & meditation.

Over the past decade, Sarah Najjar at Restore Naturally, has excelled in providing professional, industry recognised Reiki courses to:

  • people wanting to improve their health and wellbeing
  • complimentary health practitioners and students
  • people wanting to begin or develop a spiritual practice
  • parents & students

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Participating in a Reiki course will re-energise and relax your body, mind and spirit.

For detailed information on Reiki courses visit the articles section or contact Sarah Najjar at Restore Naturally.

Why learn Reiki with Restore Naturally

1. Sarah Najjar, Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, has been practicing self-Reiki since 2002 and teaching Reiki since 2009. Sarah has helped over a thousand people connect with their natural healing ability during courses and treatments and looks forward to supporting you in your self-healing journey.

2. A wonderful guide for you to refer to after your Reiki training you receive a comprehensive manual with each course.

3. Small group sizes ensure you receive individual support and attention.

4. Reiki courses are based on traditional Usui Reiki. They include Japanese Reiki techniques.

5.  Reiki courses are professionally recognised by The Australian Association of Reiki Professionals and Massage and Myotherapy Australia.

6. Fancy more Reiki support? Follow up support via email and telephone is available for you after each Reiki course.

7. Stay connected to your Reiki practice by attending Reiki practice groups. A wonderful opportunity to meet with other students to receive and practice Reiki.

8. Receive a unique 21 day e program to support your Reiki practice. Past Reiki students appreciate this extra support.

9. Course material is simple and accessible. You an empowered in your own healing and can start practicing Reiki after day one of the course.

10. You receive a certificate that is recognised world wide.

Learn Reiki with Restore Naturally

reiki level one melbourne

Reiki Level One

Reiki Level One, traditionally known as Shoden, “The Entrance”. During the first stage of your Reiki training the emphasis is on Reiki for you. Be empowered in your own healing and learn how to treat your friends and family with Reiki.

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reiki level two melbourne

Reiki Level Two

Reiki Level Two, traditionally known as Okuden, “Inner teachings”, enables you to practice Reiki professionally. Deepen your Reiki practice with tools that have different healing properties and learn how to send Reiki from a distance.

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reiki level 3a northcote

Reiki Level 3a

Reiki 3a is for you when you’re ready to extend your personal Reiki practice and/or enhance your professional Reiki practice. Be guided in operating from your centre so you experience more clarity and peace each day.

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reiki master level melbourne

Reiki Master Level

Reiki Master/ Reiki 3b courses are traditionally titled, Shinpiden and translate to “mystery teachings”. Enjoy a wonderful one-on one journey into self-mastery and be fully supported in your personal and professional Reiki practice.

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reiki course refresher

Reiki Refresher

Refresh your Reiki practice. Available if you have completed Reiki Level One, Two or 3a or Mastership. Conducted one-on-one receive support from Sarah Najjar who has been practicing Reiki since 2002.

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reiki practice sessions

Reiki Practice Groups

Come and join our Reiki community if you’ve completed Reiki Level One, Two, 3a or Mastership. Reiki groups are a great opportunity to meet with like-minded people and stay connected to your Reiki practice.

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“A fabulous introduction to a beautiful healing method. Sarah’s gentle and respectful nature is very welcoming and her passion for Reiki is infectious.”

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