I’m often asked: “What should I do when receiving Reiki?”, or “Where should I place my hands?”

You don’t need to “do” anything when receiving Reiki. That’s one of the wonderful aspects of receiving a Reiki treatment. It’s a time for non-doing, relaxation and healing.

Find answers to more Reiki questions below so you feel more confident in your next Reiki treatment.

1. Where should I place my hands during my Reiki treatment?

Place your hands wherever they feel comfortable. By your side or above your head are both fine positions.

2. What should I think about during my Reiki treatment?

You don’t need to think about anything in particular. If certain thoughts or events come to your mind allow them to come. After your Reiki treatment you can reflect on how they’re connected to your healing.

3. I felt my pain disappear during my Reiki treatment. Is this common?

Yes, physical pain, such as back or shoulder pain, can lessen during a Reiki treatment. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Reiki relaxes your central nervous system. When you’re relaxed your experience of pain is reduced.
  • Reiki is a vibrational healing therapy, it helps to heal past injuries in your cellular memory.

4. I felt my sadness lessen during my Reiki treatment. Is that normal?

Yes, like physical pain, grief, anxiety, and or mild depression lessen during a Reiki treatment. Reiki helps to rebalance your system so experience more peace, happiness, and wellbeing.

5. Should I meditate during my Reiki treatment?

Only if you wish to. Reiki tends to put you into a meditative state so you don’t need to intentionally start meditating. Although Reiki has many of the same benefits as meditation, it’s a lot easier to practice and receive. Both meditation and Reiki:

  • increase mental clarity
  • promote relaxation
  • and connect you to yourself and something greater than yourself that you’re a part of

Please note: Reiki complements other treatments you’re receiving, it doesn’t replace it

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