Reiki is safe and gentle to receive. It is highly effective in promoting your optimum health and wellbeing.

Can I do Reiki on myself?

Yes you can. Reiki is easy to learn and even simpler to practice on yourself. My motivation for learning Reiki in 2002 was to help other people. Before learning Reiki I didn't know that I could practice on myself, but since then I've enjoyed a daily Reiki practice. If we were to meet in a [...]

Common questions during a Reiki treatment

I'm often asked: "What should I do when receiving Reiki?", "Or what does... mean?" You don't need to "do" anything when receiving Reiki. That's one of the wonderful aspects of the practice. There's no "right" or "wrong" response to these 10 common questions, yet I hope they serve as a helpful guideline for you during [...]

Reiki helps to manage chronic fatigue syndrome

I was delighted to receive this last week from R.M. Enjoy reading how receiving Reiki treatments and learning Reiki has helped R.M. manage the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and regain holistic balance. I started receiving Reiki in 2012. I had experienced Reiki before in conjunction with other treatments - and I was blown away [...]

Reiki Helps to Manage Grief

I was touched to receive this last week from J.A. When I received it I was so glad to read that J.A.'s friend and sister felt better after receiving Reiki, that J.A. was reconnected to her Reiki practice, and the treatments she provided to support her friend deepened their relationship. Enjoy the read... Hi Sarah. [...]

Effective Reiki Sessions

One Reiki Level One course attendee recently asked: "What are the factors that make a Reiki treatment more effective?" Although it's something I've never consciously considered it's something I've been asked previously so here are some simple guidelines if you have completed Reiki Level One. 1. Having a positive intention that you or the person [...]

Reiki Meets Your Need

One of the many things I enjoy about being a practitioner and Reiki Master teacher is witnessing how Reiki transforms the lives of so many people. I enjoy seeing those I am privileged to work with having their needs met. Sometimes their needs are known before a Reiki treatment or Reiki course commences, at other [...]

Simple self care tips

What is self-care? Self-care is taking time to look after yourself so you have enough physical and emotional energy for yourself and others. Here are some simple self-care tips to incorporate into your day: 1. Enjoy a 30 minute lunch break. If you work in an office enjoy lunch away from your desk. Savour the [...]

Learning Reiki helped soothe J.T’s fibromyalgia symtoms

"Sarah introduced me to Reiki three years ago when I came to see her. I had been struggling with fibromyalgia for a number of years. Sarah suggested Reiki might be an effective treatment for my symptoms - muscle pain and stiffness, fatigue and very poor sleep. I was amazed at how deeply relaxed my body [...]

Reiki practitioner, healer or therapist?

When you receive a professional Reiki treatment do you consider the person you are seeing a practitioner, healer or therapist? Similarly after Reiki Level Two, if you choose to practice Reiki professionally, do consider yourself to be a practitioner, healer or therapist? Or are Reiki professionals a combination of all three? There is no right [...]