An attunement is a simple, quick and enjoyable experience that takes place between a Reiki Master teacher and student.

I loved Reiki Level One, when can I do Reiki Level Two and Three?

Have you completed Reiki Level One and look forward to continuing your Reiki training? It's best to allow time between: -Reiki Level One, - Reiki Level Two, - Reiki 3a and - Reiki Master Level This gives you an opportunity to adjust to the teachings, meditations, and attunements you receive at each level. Please allow: [...]

I loved Reiki Level One, when can I do Reiki Level Two and Three?2022-04-27T10:46:51+10:00

What is a Reiki attunement?

The difference between Reiki and other healing modalities is the attunement process. When you learn Reiki you receive a Reiki attunement. An attunement is sometimes referred to as an initiation. This is because after your Reiki Level One attunement you have the ability to practice self-Reiki as well as treat your friends and family with [...]

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Is Reiki a spiritual practice?

Yes, Reiki is a spiritual practice. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, developed Reiki as a system of healing first for oneself.  It's secondary to share Reiki with others. There are many layers as to what makes Reiki a spiritual practice. Here are four main aspects: 1. When you learn Reiki you become deeply connected to yourself. You also become [...]

Is Reiki a spiritual practice?2021-10-28T16:10:34+11:00
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