Reiki Attunement

An attunement is a simple, quick and enjoyable experience that takes place between a Reiki Master teacher and student.

I loved Reiki Level One, when can I do Reiki Level Two and Three?

Did you enjoy Reiki Level One and can't wait to continue your Reiki training? It's best to allow time between Reiki Level One, Reiki Level Two, Reiki 3a and Reiki Master Level, so you have a chance to adjust to the teachings, meditations, and attunements you receive at each level. I recommend allowing one to [...]

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What is a Reiki attunement?

The difference between Reiki and other healing modalities is the attunement process. When you learn Reiki you receive a Reiki attunement. An attunement is sometimes refered to as an initiation. This is because after your Reiki Level One attunement you have the ability to practice self- Reiki as well as share Reiki with your friends [...]

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Is Reiki a spiritual practice?

Yes, Reiki is a spiritual practice. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, developed Reiki as a system of healing first for oneself.  It's secondary to share Reiki with others. There are many layers as to what makes Reiki a spiritual practice. Here are four main aspects: 1. When you learn Reiki you become deeply connected to yourself. You also become connected to [...]

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