Do you want to feel better?

Do you want to have:

– more emotional balance,
– mental clarity,
– and harmony in your relationships?

Did you know that you can do Reiki on yourself and experience these states?

Reiki is a natural system of healing that helps you to maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Can I do reiki on myself

It could be surprising to read that you can practice Reiki on yourself. The idea that you can learn a simple hands-on healing technique to help you maintain holistic balance could seem far-fetched. You might’ve already seen a Reiki practitioner for support so you know that receiving Reiki helps you feel better. So does practising Reiki on yourself but in a slightly different way.

Before learning Reiki in 2002 I didn’t know that I could practice Reiki on myself. My motivation for learning was to help other people feel better. Before I enrolled in a Reiki course my teacher gave me a Reiki treatment. To my delight, I loved Reiki after my first session. I wondered how such a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on practice created powerful changes in the way I thought and felt. During my:

– one-on-one Reiki treatments,
– throughout my Reiki training,
– and later through a daily self-Reiki practice,

spiritual, emotional and mental shifts began to take place.

Because I had experienced the benefits of Reiki, I continued with a daily self-Reiki practice. I hope that you do too. If not every day, then as often as you can.  You receive support after your training, and you can make times to see me, but you also have empowering tools that you can use to restore yourself to balance.

During Reiki courses, you learn how self-Reiki practise has helped me and continues to help me manage a range of conditions. I share my experiences in the hope that you too enjoy the benefits of self-Reiki practice. Self-Reiki is the first thing I turn to when I feel unwell. I then seek further support from other health professionals if necessary.

The top five things practising Reiki has helped me with:

  1. Emotional and mental stability during life challenges.
  2. A daily connection to myself and something greater than myself that I am a part of.
  3. Relief from physical aches and pains.
  4. Intuitive guidance when I need to make a decision.
  5. The ability to fall back asleep if I wake in the middle of the night.

When you do Reiki on yourself you gain insight into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences. For example, you could have a headache and during your self-Reiki practice can see why you have a headache and then make necessary lifestyle adjustments to relieve it. You might stretch, go for a walk, or rest. Practising Reiki on yourself is exciting and empowering.

Read how practicing Reiki has created greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance in the lives of past Reiki students:

  1. “Morning practice sets me up to face the world with different eyes and makes me stop when I need to be more present. All of what I have learnt has been simple to integrate into my life, I feel that it’s been missing from my life this whole time”. K.F.
  2. “Following on from Reiki Level One I have established a daily meditation practice, where I actually look forward to being in that meditative state. This is quite a change for me, considering I used to feel like meditating was a chore. I feel a lot calmer during the day because of it.” E.K.
  3. “One of the many precious gifts I received as a result of learning Reiki was writing a gratitude list often. Not every day, but I enjoy finding gratitude in the simple things in life. It basically makes me feel happier.” E.K.
  4. “Since learning I don’t often practice on others. I use Reiki on myself if I’m having a headache or any other aches. It’s really miraculous the way my pain disappears almost immediately. I enjoy practicing self-Reiki. It’s a wonderful way to connect to myself.” K.P.
  5. “Before learning Reiki I was a nervous front seat passenger. I now do Reiki on myself when my husband drives and he has commented on how much calmer I am.” S.W.
  6. “My Reiki self-practice has helped me sleep soundly after the most hectic 11 hour days full of meetings and challenging conversations”. S.S.
  7. “The chronic back pain I have experienced since the birth of my child has completed disappeared”. S. H.
  8. “I’ve gained clarity and made a major life decision regarding my vocation. I was unsure if I wanted to keep going with my job but Reiki practice has helped me to let go of it with greater ease”. K.E.
  9. “My ongoing knee pain has completely eased after learning Reiki. Going up and down stairs no longer causes me pain”. J.P.
  10. ” Amazing opportunities have been coming my way recently, and I have to say that Reiki has had a big influence on that”. B.P.

Will self-Reiki practice do this for you as well?

It depends. Reiki gives you what you need when you need it. It meets your needs which are different from the needs of your family members, past Reiki students, and peers. Reiki meets your immediate needs, (you may notice that you are dehydrated and need to drink more water) as well as your deeper needs (you may gain insight into how to solve a current relationship dispute).

How does practising Reiki on yourself help you achieve greater health and wellbeing?

  1. When you practice Reiki on yourself you’re connected to yourself and something greater than yourself that you are a part of. This connection increases your wellbeing. Knowing that you’re supported by something greater than yourself helps you to cope better with life’s up’s and down’s.
  2. Reiki quietens your mind and your body. Once your mind slows down it’s easier to access your inner knowing and wisdom.
  3. Reiki rebalances you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You experience greater mental clarity, peace, gratitude, and physical wellbeing. Not perfect physical, mental or emotional wellbeing but optimum health and wellbeing.

I look forward to teaching you how to regain balance and empower yourself through practising Reiki on yourself.

*Please note: Practicing Reiki on yourself can be used in conjunction with other treatments you’re receiving.

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