reiki energyNo. Sarah Najjar and other Reiki practitioners aren’t giving you their energy during your Reiki treatment.

And they aren’t receiving your energy. Reiki practitioners act as a “one-way” hose for positive healing energy. Reiki flows through them and into you during a Reiki treatment. During the process, you’ve connected with your innate healing ability.

Each day you are affected by the people around you. You can “pick up” on their energy. This is normal and natural – it’s part of sharing your life with others. It becomes a problem if you don’t know how to then let go of other people’s energy and if you’re particularly sensitive or an empath. Being an empath is a gift. It’s how you manage the gift that’s important. (I’m an empath as well).

Learn techniques that help you manage your energy

During Reiki courses and treatments you learn how to manage your gift and connect back to yourself so you experience:

– higher energy levels,
– less anxiety and
– are clearer in yourself
– better health and wellbeing

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