So what does it mean to “Be Reiki?”

being reiki melbourneWhen you frequently connect with Reiki, Reiki returns you to your true nature which is balanced, connected and whole.

If you’ve attended a Reiki course or received a Reiki treatment what words would you use to describe your experience?

I know it can be tricky to describe your Reiki experiences. Here are words and phrases that come to my mind:

  • greater emotional balance
  • enhanced physical health
  • a simple self-care practice
  • peace
  • a lightness of being
  • deeper relaxation
  • spiritual connection
  • present moment acceptance
  • increased connection to self and others
  • compassion for self and others
  • mental clarity
  • gratitude
  • present moment awareness
  • hands-on healing
  • healing the past
  • embracing the future

When you make time to do Reiki on yourself, receive a Reiki treatment,  offer Reiki to your family members or in the wider community the more you represent what these words, or your words, for Reiki are.

A Reiki way of being becomes infused into your daily life. Your thoughts and actions are healthier and happier. When you feel better your connection with yourself and others is enhanced.

Five ways to frequently connect to Reiki:

2. Practice the Reiki principles in your daily life.

3. Do self-Reiki during the day when you’re experiencing physical or emotional discomfort.

4. Receive Reiki.  In-person treatments are available in Melbourne. Distant Reiki is available via Zoom or telephone.

5. Practice Reiki on your friends or in the wider community.

Of course, you are human. Part of the human experience is to experience doubt, confusion, stress, worry, fear, acute and chronic illness. These states are important to recognise and acknowledge. When you receive or practice Reiki you experience these states but your identification with them lessens.

The more you do Reiki on yourself, receive Reiki, or give Reiki to others, the more you embody the Reiki words above or your own Reiki words.

Simply put: your wellbeing increases and you’re healthier and happier. This benefits yourself, your friends, your family and your wider community.