Now, more than ever, we have opportunities to be kind to each other. The global pandemic has affected everyone. Practising the Reiki principle of kindness helps you feel better and increases your health and wellbeing. So does receiving Reiki. But how does being kind to others increase your health and happiness and what are some ways to be kind?

According to the Oxford Dictionary kindness is the:

“The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.”

Here are three simple ways to be kind:

1. Be kind and pay someone a compliment

Isn’t it great when you receive positive reinforcement from your boss, a family member or friend? You could receive:

– a verbal comment
– a thoughtful email or
– a handwritten note.

So, why not return this kindness? Kindness, demonstrated through compliments, fosters healthy relationships and shows gratitude.

When managers highlight employee’s strengths, instead of their weaknesses, employees are motivated to accomplish more. A Gallup survey found that 67% of employees whose managers focused on their strengths were fully engaged in their work, compared to only 31% of employees whose managers focused on their weaknesses. Pos­i­tive feed­back from managers also contributed to higher retention rates, increased happiness and job satisfaction.

2. Be kind through acts of service

Over the past 18 months, it’s been great to see community members coming together to support each other. Doing something for someone else helps you feel better and can momentarily distract you from your own challenges.

Here are ten kind actions to might like to put into practice:

– if you know your neighbour, bring in their rubbish bin

– have take-away food delivered to a friends’ home

– get flowers delivered to a family/friend’s home

– call, text or face time friends and family who are currently unemployed

– mow your neighbour’s nature strip

– let others go ahead of you when lining up for groceries

–  in a carpark give your car space to someone else

– next time you’re buying a cuppa also buy one for the person standing next to in queue

A study conducted in 2019, found that people who displayed acts of kindness toward others for seven days were happier and healthier. The degree to which their happiness increased directly related to the number of kind acts they performed.

3. Be kind and actively listen

When you’re next speaking with a friend, family member or associate practice listening to what they’re saying. This creates harmony and can improve your concentration. Active listening brings you to the present moment. Having healthy relationships have also been show to improve your health and wellbeing by:

– increasing immunity
– reducing anxiety and depression
– fostering greater feelings of empathy

Your friends, colleagues and family words reflect their beliefs, their present and past experiences and the information they’re exposed to. Listening to them, without judgement, can reduce your stress response.

Active listening involves:

– being fully present
– making eye contact
– displaying positive body language
– clarify what you’ve heard
– offering your view or a shared experience

In a study of 2,171 participants who showed early signs of Alzheimer disease, researchers found that those who had a reliable listener in their life demonstrated better cognitive resilience than those who didn’t. Study participants who had access to a good listener scored significantly higher on cognitive tests than neurologists expected, based on their brain age.

How does receiving a Reiki treatment help you to be kind?

During your Reiki treatment, I listen to you without judgement. I do this when you verbally share your challenges and when I feel physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances in your system.

When you’ve deeply listened to, significant healing and rebalancing takes place.  Your central nervous system is relaxed and you have the capacity to be kinder to others in four main ways:

1. Emotionally
When you’re relaxed you’re more compassionate. You have emotional space to fully be there for your loved ones. This compassionate state is then reflected in your words and actions.

2. Mentally
When your relaxed creative ways to be kind to others can pop into your mind. A few months ago I read that a group of people were leaving “love notes” on supermarket shelves for shoppers to find. Now that’s creative and kind.

3. Spiritually
Your awareness that we’re interconnected increases. You remember that everyone has been affected by the pandemic and people are doing the best they can. Understanding this helps you foster healthy relationships and creates a more resilient community.

4. Physically
You feel better. You have more energy to actively listen, share kind words or perform a kind act. These gestures have a greater impact than you realise and cause a ripple effect of kindness in your community.

Please note: Reiki complements other support you’re receiving

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