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Sarah is passionate about presenting Reiki in a way that is accessible to everyone while maintaining the teachings of Mikao Usui – the founder of Reiki. Restore Naturally Reiki courses follow the traditional Usui Reiki lineage.

Reiki Practice transformed P.P’s life

How Penny transformed her life by practicing Reiki. Have you ever had trouble letting go of events that have happened in the past? Read how Reiki practice helped Penny let go of challenging life events and transform her personal and professional life. Why I made time to learn Reiki: I wanted to learn Reiki for [...]

Reiki Practice transformed P.P’s life2021-10-04T12:48:15+11:00

Embrace Your Imbalance With Reiki

Why do you make time to receive a Reiki treatment or learn Reiki? And what is an imbalance? I imagine that you want to feel better and think differently. I imagine that you value your health and wellness. I also imagine that you're interested in balancing your imbalance. Reiki is a holistic healing system that [...]

Embrace Your Imbalance With Reiki2021-10-04T12:45:56+11:00

Reiki Helps To Manage Stress – Beth’s Reiki Journey

How Beth reduced stress and took control of her health and life with Reiki Ever felt so tired that doing daily tasks and getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle? This was me after a decade of corporate world pressure. Stress was my constant companion and initially, it was motivating. The adrenaline [...]

Reiki Helps To Manage Stress – Beth’s Reiki Journey2021-10-04T13:22:36+11:00

Can I do Reiki on myself?

Do you want to feel better? Do you want to have: - more emotional balance, - mental clarity, - and harmony in your relationships? Did you know that you can do Reiki on yourself and experience these states? Reiki is a natural system of healing that helps you to maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual [...]

Can I do Reiki on myself?2021-10-15T23:08:05+11:00

Pilot Crossover Trial of Reiki Versus Rest for Treating Cancer-Related Fatigue

I have been privileged to support people during their cancer journey with Reiki. Some were receiving treatment, others were, and still are, in remission. As I write this, those who I have assisted come to mind. Thank you for allowing me to support you on your journey. Here is an abstract from a study that [...]

Pilot Crossover Trial of Reiki Versus Rest for Treating Cancer-Related Fatigue2021-10-04T14:42:33+11:00

Common questions during a Reiki treatment

I'm often asked: "What should I do when receiving Reiki?", or "Where should I place my hands?" You don't need to "do" anything when receiving Reiki. That's one of the wonderful aspects of receiving a Reiki treatment. It's a time for non-doing, relaxation and healing. Find answers to more Reiki questions below so you feel [...]

Common questions during a Reiki treatment2021-10-04T14:53:33+11:00

Reiki helps to manage chronic fatigue syndrome

I was delighted to receive this last week from R.M. Read how receiving Reiki treatments and learning Reiki has helped R.M. manage the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and regain holistic balance. When did you start receiving Reiki treatments? I started receiving Reiki in 2012. I had experienced Reiki before in conjunction with other treatments [...]

Reiki helps to manage chronic fatigue syndrome2021-10-04T15:08:35+11:00

Reiki Helps to Manage Grief

I was touched to receive this last week from J.A. When I received it I was delighted to read that J.A.'s friend and sister felt better after receiving Reiki treatments, that J.A. was reconnected to her Reiki practice, and the Reiki treatments she provided to support her friend deepened their relationship. Read more below. Hi [...]

Reiki Helps to Manage Grief2021-10-04T16:05:42+11:00

Effective Reiki Sessions

One Reiki Level One student recently asked: "What makes a Reiki treatment more effective?" Although it's something I've never consciously considered it's something I've been asked before so here are some simple guidelines if you have completed Reiki Level One. 1. Having a positive intention that you or the person you are sharing Reiki with [...]

Effective Reiki Sessions2021-10-15T22:51:52+11:00

Reiki Meets Your Need

Do you seek more harmony in, and a better understanding of, your relationship with others and yourself? Do you yearn for greater clarity in your career?  Or do you want to feel better so you can live more abundantly? I didn’t know that I had these needs but I did know that I wanted to [...]

Reiki Meets Your Need2021-10-04T17:03:06+11:00
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