During or after your Reiki treatment did you wonder if it was okay that you snored, or that your mind was busy?

These questions are common. Find answers below to these Reiki questions and other Reiki questions so you feel confident during your next Reiki treatment.

Answers to Reiki questions1. During my Reiki treatment I felt heat coming from your hands, is this okay?

Although it’s common to experience a warming sensation under my hands, it’s okay if you don’t during each Reiki treatment. Instead of focusing on physical sensations that come and go,  it’s better to notice if you’re

  • more relaxed
  • mentally clearer,
  • or energised

2. During my Reiki treatment I noticed my mind was busy, is that okay?

Reiki is relaxing and healing so your mental chatter tends to quieten down during a Reiki treatment but you may notice that your mind remains active.

Reiki treatments reveal how balanced you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If you notice your mind is busy during your treatment practice noticing the busyness without judgment.

During your treatment, you also receive practical relaxation techniques you can incorporate into your day so you experience greater peace.

3. Why did I get emotional during my Reiki treatment?

Emotions you’re partially aware of can surface during or after a Reiki treatment. This is part of your healing process and rather than rejecting them, embrace them, read more about that here or here…

4. I experienced tingling up and down my arms and legs during my Reiki treatment. What does this mean?

Tingling, like heat, is common to experience during your Reiki treatment. It’s a pleasant sensation. It indicates that Reiki is flowing throughout your system and you’re experiencing holistic healing.

5. I feel so much better after my Reiki treatment. When can I come and see you again?

Even though you feel wonderful after your treatment it’s best to allow at least a week in between your treatments. This time allows you to rebalance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition to receiving treatments, you may like to learn Reiki,  so you’re even more empowered in your healing.

Please note: Reiki complements other treatments you’re receiving, it doesn’t replace it

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