About Sarah Najjar

I’ve always been interested in complementary medicine, spirituality and meditation. I’ve worked in complementary health since 2002 and taught Reiki since 2009.

sarah najjar reiki master and practitioner melbourne

I’m a dedicated Reiki Master teacher in traditional Usui Reiki. I’ve also taught Remedial Massage at Victorian Fitness Academy.

I have a Reiki Master qualification, a Diploma of Remedial Massage, a Diploma of Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies and a B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology. I offer you Reiki treatments and Reiki courses and draw on the principles learnt during my other training to optimise your health and wellbeing.

You receive Reiki treatments in Northcote, Reservoir or online. Reiki Level One, Two and 3a courses are held at Span Community House in Thornbury.

Over the past two decades, I’ve helped over a thousand people manage a variety of conditions ranging from stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, life challenges, muscular-skeletal pain, headaches, fatigue, autoimmune conditions, conception challenges & hormonal imbalances. I see my work as a true privilege. Find out how I can help you here.

I empower you to manage your own health and wellbeing. After learning Reiki you receive a complimentary 21 day e program to support your Reiki practice. You’re encouraged to join our monthly online Reiki practice group. After a Reiki treatment, you receive take-home exercises. These are focused on maintaining your health, wellbeing and spiritual connection through greater awareness of your breathing, posture, diet and lifestyle choices.

I’m excited to see the incredible changes that take place in you after you learn Reiki or receive a Reiki treatment.  You arrive in pain, tired, and lacking clarity.  You leave clear, calm, empowered and centred.

My Reiki Story

In 2002 I was working in a hospital in Melbourne, Australia. I wanted to help patients without necessarily touching them. I shared my thoughts with a friend who suggested I learn Reiki. I was planning a trip to India to do volunteer work at Alice Project, a school that incorporates meditation and yoga into a standard school curriculum. I had time before the placement started, so I felt it would be a great opportunity to start Reiki training.

Once in India, I travelled to McLeod Ganj, home of the Dalai Lama, to enrol in a Reiki course. Although I had practised yoga for a number of years and different forms of meditation I was yet to find a daily practice that completely suited me.

To my utmost delight, I loved Reiki after my first Reiki treatment. In fact, I was astounded by Reiki! How could such a gentle, non-invasive hands-on practice create such powerful emotional, mental, spiritual and physical changes? Reiki increased my self-awareness and introduced me to a wonderful new way of relating to myself and others.

Learning and practising Reiki in McLeod Ganj and later Rishikesh, India changed my life forever. In Reiki, I found a simple, relaxing, yet very powerful practice I loved using on myself and others. I was, and still am, incredibly passionate about sharing Reiki with as many people as possible. I want others to experience the incredible benefits of Reiki, just as I had.

After India, I lived in England and practised and taught Reiki. During this time I realised I could help others more if I expanded my knowledge. So, I returned to Melbourne, and in 2006 and started a Dual Diploma of Remedial Massage and Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies at East West College, Melbourne, Australia.

Today I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to practice Reiki daily on myself and others. Reiki is a true gift. It’s a safe and gentle method for connecting deeply to yourself so holistic healing can begin.

Since 2009, I’ve loved teaching students, parents, allied health professionals, carers and other professionals Reiki. I’m always delighted to see the positive changes that take place in their life after they attend a Reiki course.

Learning Reiki is empowering. Restore Naturally Reiki Courses are professionally conducted in a safe and supportive environment. I use an enthusiastic, warm, fun and systematic approach when teaching Reiki. You complete a course excited and grateful for the experiences and knowledge you have gained.

I’m passionate about presenting Reiki in a way that is accessible to everyone while maintaining the teachings of Mikao Usui – the founder of Reiki. Restore Naturally Reiki courses follow the traditional Usui Reiki lineage.

I was delighted to be a keynote speaker on the benefits of Reiki for children and carers at Melbourne’s first-ever Autism and Health and Wellbeing Expo in July 2015. I have also been published in Elephant Journal and spoken on the benefits of Reiki at Soul Star Festival (2020) and Seven Sisters Festival (2021), Healthy Mums, Healthy Families Summit (2021)

I’ve also taught Reiki at two of Melbourne’s health colleges – Australian College of Fitness and Bodywork and Victorian Fitness Academy.

Reiki courses are recognised by the Australian Association of Reiki Professionals and Massage & Myotherapy Australia.

Special thanks to Lance Dixon for his wisdom and 15 years of mentorship, Glenn Polley for his teachings and friendship, Scott Bonanno for his generosity in designing this website, Pamela Miles for her insights into Reiki practice and all of you who’ve attended Reiki courses and Reiki treatments.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing Reiki with you soon.

Be well and happy,