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Just for today be grateful


One of the Reiki principles that holds a key to your healing and promotes your health and happiness is "Just for today be grateful". If you're a past Reiki Level One student you're familiar with the principle of gratitude and have been encouraged to practice it in different ways.  If you're yet to learn Reiki [...]

Just for today be grateful2021-10-15T11:29:22+11:00

7 Simple ways to give to others and yourself during the festive season


In many ways, December is the month of giving. You give extra time and energy to your family, friends, employees, employers and community. It’s a great month to connect with people you love and attend community events. Studies show that opening your heart and being kind to others increases your wellbeing and helps you feel [...]

7 Simple ways to give to others and yourself during the festive season2021-12-21T06:59:16+11:00

How Being Kind Increases Your Health and Wellbeing


Now, more than ever, we have opportunities to be kind to each other. The global pandemic has affected everyone. Practising the Reiki principle of kindness helps you feel better and increases your health and wellbeing. So does receiving Reiki. But how does being kind to others increase your health and happiness and what are some [...]

How Being Kind Increases Your Health and Wellbeing2021-10-04T12:09:17+11:00

Online Reiki Treatments


Receive Reiki in the comfort of your home or office Distant Reiki is highly effective in promoting your optimum health and wellbeing. Receiving Reiki online, or by telephone, has exactly the same benefits as receiving Reiki in person. Distant Reiki is perfect if: you're in lockdown you're experiencing stress and anxiety, read more [...]

Online Reiki Treatments2022-05-31T12:17:45+10:00

Reiki helps P.L. manage a serious health condition


My name is Patricia and I have a career background in Nursing. Over my years of practice, I came to believe that there’s a place for both western and eastern health practices. These two health systems combined, or integrated can really help people heal. As well as learning Reiki, I have also spent time in [...]

Reiki helps P.L. manage a serious health condition2021-10-11T12:19:25+11:00

Reiki Reduces Anxiety – Clara’s Reiki Journey


How I learnt about Reiki for anxiety I learnt about Reiki through my friend Cate. I hadn't seen her for quite a while.  When I met with her I was taken aback. She looked so well and content. I asked her what she'd been doing. She said she'd been learning Reiki. Several months went by [...]

Reiki Reduces Anxiety – Clara’s Reiki Journey2021-10-04T12:30:20+11:00

Reiki Treatments near Clifton Hill


Restore and rebalance with Reiki. Reiki is safe and gentle to receive. Receiving Reiki rebalances your system on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Sarah Najjar offers Reiki and holistic healing treatments to residents of Melbourne and greater Melbourne. Many of her clients travel from Fitzroy, Pascoe Vale and Coburg, others further. Fortunately, [...]

Reiki Treatments near Clifton Hill2020-08-10T11:21:11+10:00

Calming Tips For Our Changing Times


As a global community, we're in the midst of a pandemic. This pandemic is creating changes in how we live, relate to each other and work. Our governing bodies are responsive and are regularly issuing revisions to how we operate. Change and limitations, even if they're created to preserve your health, can create a variety [...]

Calming Tips For Our Changing Times2021-10-02T19:40:25+10:00

Reiki Mentoring


Do you need extra support in your Reiki practice? Reiki mentoring sessions are available for you if you've learnt Reiki with me or elsewhere. Do you want to: 1. Deepen your connection to Reiki 2. Be fully supported in your professional practice so you can create optimum health and well being for yourself and your [...]

Reiki Mentoring2021-10-04T12:20:44+11:00

Reiki Practice transformed P.P’s life


How Penny transformed her life by practicing Reiki. Have you ever had trouble letting go of events that have happened in the past? Read how Reiki practice helped Penny let go of challenging life events and transform her personal and professional life. Why I made time to learn Reiki: I wanted to learn Reiki for [...]

Reiki Practice transformed P.P’s life2021-10-04T12:48:15+11:00
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