Why learn Reiki?

can i receive reiki with other treatmentsReiki is a natural health system that re-balances your entire being. When you learn Reiki you develop a greater understanding of yourself and become empowered in your own healing.

Reasons to learn Reiki:

  1. Reiki is a highly effective holistic healing system that promotes your optimum health and well being.Reiki can support you spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically in your daily life.You can read how others have benefited from learning Reiki with Restore Naturally here.
  2. Reiki is fun, quick, and easy to learn. Reiki Level One and Two training takes place over two days. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of how the body functions, even children can learn Reiki!
  3. Learning Reiki is empowering – after Level One you are able to treat yourself with Reiki. You don’t need any special tools or equipment to start practicing.
  4. Reiki helps you to manage emotional, spiritual, physical and mental conditions you may be experiencing.After learning Reiki many people report that: a.) their connection to themselves increasesb.) their physical aches & stress levels decreasec.) they cope better with life’s challenges
  5. Reiki is not just about “hands on healing”. It is a health system that includes guidelines for you to create a happier life, meditation and energy enhancing exercises.6. After Reiki Level One you are able to treat yourself and your friends and family Reiki.7. After Reiki Level Two you are able to practise professionally.

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    Why learn Reiki with Restore Naturally