What to look for in a Reiki teacher and practitioner

sarah najjar northcoteA few things to look for when selecting a Reiki teacher or practitioner.

1. Are they are a member of a professional organisation?

  • Restore Naturally Reiki Courses are recognised by the Australian Reiki Connection and the Australian Association of Massage Therapists. If you are a member of A.A.M.T. you will earn 20 CPE points for each Reiki Course you do.

2. Do they offer ongoing support after the course or a treatment?

  • Restore Naturally offers post course and treatment support via telephone and email. Sarah enjoys hearing how you are benefiting from learning and receiving Reiki.
  • Restore Naturally Reiki courses include a 21 day e program. A simple exercise arrives in your inbox encouraging you to connect to Reiki for 21 days after each course.
  • You are welcome to attend Reiki groups. They are a great opportunity for you to connect with like minded people and give and receive Reiki.

3. Does their manner suit you? Are they available to talk to before the course?

  • Sarah is able to talk to you before and after courses and treatments. Her approach is down to earth, positive, friendly and empathetic.

4. Do they have adequate Reiki experience?

  • Sarah has been practising Reiki at Master Level since 2002. She has been teaching Reiki for five years. Her experience, passion and dedication to Reiki ensures that you have though Reiki training and excellent treatment sessions.

aarp-reiki-logo5. Do they practise Reiki on a daily basis and incorporate Reiki principles into their everyday life?

  • Sarah practises Reiki on a daily basis and strives to live her life by the Reiki principles. She loves meeting with other Reiki practitioners to discuss Reiki and expand her understanding of this gentle and effective healing system.

6. Does their course content meet your needs?

  • Restore Naturally Reiki Courses are structured so you receive though Reiki training and complete the course with a solid understanding of what Reiki is and how you can apply it in your everyday life.
  • You receive a comprehensive manual and certificate to take home with you.
  • Restore Naturally Reiki courses include both Western and Japanese Reiki techniques so you receive balanced training.
“Sarah is friendly, polite and professional. A great teacher. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to learn Reiki. The Reiki Level One and Two courses are well structured and the teaching was great. I could not ask for anything more. All my questions we answered and my expectations were exceeded.” Sam A.

If you have further questions email or telephone Sarah on 0416 620 877.