The Reiki Principles

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki – created five principles – also referred to as precepts, that help you to lead a healthier and happier life.

Just for today enjoy practicing_These are:

Just for today

Do not worry

Do not anger

Be kind

Work honestly

Be grateful

Each day, reminding myself of the Reiki principles, is as important as hands on Reiki practice. The principles are a practical guide in helping me to lead a more peaceful life.

When you read over the Reiki principles you may notice that some are easier to implement than others. And that’s fine. We are all simply practicing. You may be a naturally positive and grateful person who also tends to worry unnecessarily. Or you may be prone to sudden bursts of anger but are also very kind.

The principles are traditionally worded “Do not” but I prefer to use the term “Let go” because it’s more authentic to practicing letting go of worry or anger than it is to never experience these states. It’s also kinder and gentler to practice accepting these states when they arise rather than trying to never anger or worry.

Enjoy reading a simple explanation below of the principles. In Reiki Level One you learn fun and practical ways to apply them.

The Reiki Principles
1. Just for today be grateful
To feel gratitude is to be thankful for all of the circumstances in your life. It’s easy to be thankful for warm sunny days, enjoyable moments with friends and family or a job promotion. But what about when days don’t go as planned? When situations don’t turn out as you expected them to? These challenging situations help you to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally.When you focus on what you do have rather than what is missing you may begin to notice how fortunate you are. When you are challenged physically, emotionally or mentally there are still many things to be thankful for. Practising gratitude benefits yourself and others. Gratitude holds the key to a lot of our healing.2. Just for today let go of worry
Worrying about what has occurred in the past is futile and can lead to regret. You do what you know to be best at any given moment. Worrying about the future is equally futile because it’s unknown. Constant worry takes your attention from the present moment and creates bodily tension and a weaker immune system.Breathing deeply into your hara is an excellent way to manage worry. This breathing technique brings you back to the present moment and encourages you to relax. Your breathe is always with you, so this can be practised anywhere and at anytime. Restore Naturally Reiki courses and treatments include practical ways to implement deep breathing in your daily life.

3. Just for today let go of anger
Anger often arises due to a feeling of having little control over situations or people. Realising you can’t control every situation, or others’ behaviour can help you to manage your anger. People who anger us can in fact help us to practise patience, tolerance and acceptance. Our anger toward others has little to do with them and more to do with our own beliefs and perception of others.

4. Just for today work honestly
This principle is about reminding yourself to deal with yourself and others with integrity. When we are not true to ourselves we create a lot of unnecessary inner and outer turmoil.

When we have a difficult decision to make we can practise quietening our mind by breathing deeply into our hara (located below your belly button) and allowing our inner wisdom to direct us.

5. Just for today be kind
Here we are reminded to be considerate of our surroundings and strive not to cause unnecessary harm to other living entities, e.g. people, food, plants and animals. We possess different ideas and beliefs. It’s benefical for others and ourself to practise developing understanding and compassion for those around us.

Of course kindness includes being kind to ourselves. Practicing hands on Reiki daily is a great way to be kind to ourselves. It’s a wonderful self care practice. When enjoyed in the morning helps us to manage challenging situations throughout the day.

Each day I have many opportunities to practice the Reiki principles. Do you?

Enjoy your Reiki practice.