I have heard that people laugh or cry during Reiki, is this true?

reiki north melbourneOver the past 13 years or so various people have said to me “I’m not sure about Reiki… I cried (or laughed) during my session. I felt uncomfortable or elated at times and I don’t know why.”

Although it may not have felt like that at the time, I always reassure them by saying that their experience is incredibly positive. I explain that each Reiki session is different. What happened in one session may not happen again.

Uncomfortable physical, mental or emotional aspects of yourself may surface during or after a Reiki session. Reiki connects you very deeply to your mind, body and spirit.  You may cry or laugh during your session because you are touched by the beauty of Reiki. It’s a very positive experience. Reiki is actually helping you to clear emotional and mental conditions such as sadness, anger, grief, and anxiety so that you experience improved health and wellbeing and greater feelings of peace and joy.

Is a Reiki session just as effective without an emotional release? Absolutely!

With over a decade in professional practice I haven’t seen many emotional releases occur. If they do take place I may see them happen initially with treatment. As you receive extra treatments or give yourself the gift of self Reiki an emotional release takes place less often. It becomes less intense. The more you receive or practice Reiki the more you heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki is completely safe and can never cause any harm. If you have any concerns about your session it’s best to contact your Reiki practitioner directly so they can hopefully provide you with the support you need. Also, if you so feel uncomfortable during a session it’s best to share this with your Reiki practitioner so they can adjust their treatment approach and ensure that you feel like yourself again before you leave the premises.

Most people who experience Reiki regularly experience a state of deep peace.  Yet, if you do experience an emotional release don’t resist it. It’s a positive outcome that leads to greater feelings of peace, joy and wellbeing.

I hope this helps.

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